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Friday, 16 January 2015

End of an Era and A New Job!

The big decision I have been trying to make over the last few weeks has been about my job. I still enjoy my work to a degree, but lots of things have changed. On a public blog I can't really go into the reasons why I wanted to leave though. I have applied for three different jobs over the last few months – the first job I got an interview for, but two days before the the interview I sprained my ankle – remember that?!!! so couldn't go to that one. The second job I applied for, which I thought I would get an interview for..... I didn't! The third job was for a Discharge Planning Assistant, which I got an interview for on the 22nd December – the exact day that I started my current post six years ago – how weird is that!!! Booked the afternoon off as annual leave. The interview was really hard, but I felt that it went really well. It obviously did go well, as the following day I had a phone call to say I got the job!!! I was very excited, but at the same time very worried that I might be making a mistake. I have spent the last few weeks in turmoil to be honest. You can't afford to make a mistake with a job when you get to my age and especially when I am the main and only 'bread winner' in my house!

I work with some wonderful people and will miss working with them, but the good thing is that in my new role I will be covering two wards, one of them being the Stroke Ward, so I will still be involved with my current team to a degree. My new job will be alot easier physically, but on the other hand I will be walking alot more, going back and forth between the two wards.

Received my new job contract today and then gave my notice in as Senior Therapy Assistant on The Stroke Rehab Team. I will be leaving on Friday 13th February and start my new post as a Discharge Planning Assistant with the Discharge Planning Team on Monday 16th February! Its a Band 3 job the same as I am now, so no financial gain, but a very different job – should keep me busy! I will still have to do my second bank job at weekends to keep the bank account happy though. The hours are so much better for birding – earlier start but finish at 4pm instead of 4.45pm – 45 minutes is a huge difference when you need to get to a rare bird! Every 4/5 weeks I have to work on a Saturday from 8am to 2pm, then work two days the following week until 5pm instead of the usual 4pm and then have a whole day off in the week. It's going to be scary leaving, but now I have made my decision I'm looking forward to my new job!


  1. Congratulations! This is just as important a role as direct care. I will also say that your blog gives me a lot of pleasure, especially as I can't get to Norfolk very often.

  2. Thanks Graham, much appreciated. Best Wishes Penny

  3. Congratulations Penny! Scary or what?? Hope it all goes well for you, remember, everyone hates their first day in a new job..or mostly anyway, until they get used to it. At least you're still at the same place and not somewhere completely different, so I guess that's better in a way.

  4. Best wishes and good luck Penny. Chris every day reader of your blog in Great Yarmouth

  5. Bonne chance....
    remember that N0. 13 is a Lucky Number in France...
    the perfect day to leave the old job!
    I've had two jobs where I had a day off in the week...
    it is wonderful!!
    Being able to go places where there are usually crowds at the w/e and finding it calm, quiet and above all...
    reasonably EMPTY!!

    1. 13 is NOT lucky for me. I got married on the 13th (big mistake), my father had his stroke on Friday 13th.

      Yes, a day off in the week will be very useful indeed, for peace and seeing a rarity when everyone else is at work. Thanks Tim.

    2. Well, here's hoping, for you...
      that this time it is "third time lucky"!
      At least you are not starting the new role on a "Friday the Thirteenth"....
      So fix yourself up with a break somewhere for the 14th & 15th...
      I actually managed that once...
      and it really made a difference to the start...
      I had three days away in the Lakes and came back refreshed. [Got some good pix, too!]

    3. Thanks Tim. I would NOT have started a new role on Friday 13th! Think I will have a chilled weekend in Norfolk before I start!

  6. Good luck in your new job x

  7. Hi Penny, huge congratulations on your new role. Happy Birding, Jim

  8. Penny, I had the exact same feelings when I changed jobs. I’m in my 50s and moved from a friendly, family-run ad agency back into the snarling teeth of London’s creative industry. I was so surprised at how good it felt once I had started. All my worries and anxieties although natural were in fact unfounded.

    I’m sure the reasons you were awarded the post will equip you well in your post. Congratulations and good luck. Remember, Life is not a rehearsal. Mark

  9. Mark - thank you so much for your inspiring words – much appreciated indeed.
    Best Wishes Penny