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Sunday 8 October 2023

WHITE'S THRUSH at Bressay, Shetland!

W H I T E ' S   T H R U S H
Plantation at Gorie, Bressay, Shetland

Found By Gareth Clements – thank you!

After getting frustrated with ferries which should officially be running on the Winter Timetable, but are actually on the Summer Timetable – I made my first ever trip to Bressay this afternoon. I don't normally feel the cold, but it was very chilly here, more than probably because I was standing still for too long!

A seven minute ferry trip from Lerwick, along with a few other birders, including Dennis and John Coutts and we arrived on The Isle of Bressay. Approximately a 2-3 mile drive and then I parked up by a large loch. Followed the long track uphill to a Plantation, where there were approximately 15+ other birders – can you imagine this in Norfolk?!!! Nice to bump into Marcus Nash and Jill was here too (Rob had to sit it out in the car with snacks and coffee).

My first view of this monster bird was in flight from the plantation to a high walled garden. I joined other birders by a low stone wall, to wait for views of this striking thrush. In the darkness under the canopy the White's Thrush was surprisingly camouflaged at times and even when out in the open! It had a habit of appearing out of nowhere and would stand completely motionless for a nano second and then vanish as soon as your finger hit the shutter button – it repeated this several times and to be honest, I was lucky to get any shots at all! But my patience and time paid off to a degree.

Supporting cast of male and female Blackcaps, Goldcrests, good numbers of Bramblings, Wren, Blackbirds, Redwing, Hooded Crows. On a sunny and slightly warmer day, I could have sat here for several hours!

Brambling at Gorie, Bressay

Blackcap at Gorie, Bressay


  1. Lovely photos Penny. It is a fantastic bird.

  2. Stunning photos Penny!

  3. There's no change between summer and winter timetables for the Bressay service.