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Thursday 30 April 2020


So, upon valuable advice from a friend, I picked up my antibiotics "Doxycycline" and will be taking these for 21 days – first one taken this evening. According to recommendations from pharmacist, I need to be careful in sunlight whilst taking these, as you can develop a skin rash – good job I'm not out and about, as I would be normally at this time of the year!

I fell asleep after my tea, so I have no idea how many people were clapping outside at 8pm! It was raining, so maybe not many!

Coronavirus testing stations coming to four towns

Courtney Remmig singing at QEH

Applause heard across Norfolk for Clap For Our Carers

Boris Johnson says UK is past the peak of outbreak

Captain Tom Moore's NHS appeal tops £32m on 100th birthday

NHS sets out six-week plan for 'return to normal'

More than 9,000 fines for lockdown breaches


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Ring Ouzel at Haveringland, NW of Horsford
Spoonbill flew over Blakeney Freshmarsh
Osprey flew over Nunnery Lakes NR, Thetford
Montagu's Harrier flew over Felmingham
Spotted Redshanks x 3 at Burgh Castle
Hobby flew over Grimston
Wood Sandpiper, Garganey, Great White Egret at Welney WWT
Ring Ouzels x 3 at Weybourne Camp
Short-eared Owl at Salthouse

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Wednesday 29 April 2020


I had a pretty bad morning to say the least. I didn't have a good night's sleep at all and was tossing and turning, when I was suddenly aware of something that felt like a very small bobble just above my elbow. I panicked – I instinctively knew what it was..... a tick. Flew downstairs at 4am and on route cut the top of my right foot, under a sharp corner of furniture, which bled enough for me to have to apply a large plaster and it was very painful!!! I then tried to investigate my elbow area with my high powered torch and my Led Loupe (also high powered) magnifier, but it was in a difficult spot and I couldn't really see and obviously there was no one else in the house to look for me. Somehow I managed to pull away whatever it was and placed the minuscule object into a piece of white paper. Looked through my magnifier and and was horrified to see what was clearly a tick!!! I have been nowhere apart from work, since visiting Dersingham Bog, so this is obviously where I picked this up from. I realised how stupid I had been, like really stupid.... I had sat by the pond under bushes with cattle sitting behind me in the pine trees on a reserve, which known to have ticks and I had completely forgotten that at the time. At my age, I should know better! I had been wearing a long sleeved top, which makes it even more of a mystery, but I suppose ticks can crawl anywhere.

Phoned my GP practice straight away, and a doctor (working from home) phoned me back fairly promptly whilst I was at work this morning. Because of Covid-19 they were not seeing patients, except in an emergency and the doctor asked me to drop off the tick in an envelope for 'Annette' to decide if it was a Lyme Disease type tick or not and she would discuss with doctor, who would then send me a text with her diagnosis. Later on...... I received a text saying the following "Dear Miss Clarke, Thank you for dropping off your tick. We think it is a larval stage tick, and would suggest holding off on antibiotics unless you develop flue-like symptoms or a red rash around the site of the bite....." I didn't know what they meant by a larval stage tick, so phoned the surgery back again and the doctor called me again to say it was much smaller than the ticks they are used to seeing, but she would send an antibiotics prescription to the adjoining surgery's chemist for me to pick up IF I needed them eg if the bite area gets redder or I develop flue-like symptoms. The doctor said it wasn't a good time to be in this situation, as Covid-19 also gives you flue-like symptoms and lethargy as does Lyme's disease!!!

So far, this evening, the bite area has not become any redder, but apparently it can take up to 4 weeks to develop! The tick had been feeding off me for approximately 63 hours I worked out, which is not good at all. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed! I won't be sitting by that pond at Dersingham Bog ever again and its put me off going there again for a very long time!

You may think I'm being a bit a drama queen, but not when I personally know of two Norfolk birders who have suffered from Lyme disease within the last couple of years. Untreated it can be very dangerous and can affect you for years and possibly for life.

Two more coronavirus deaths reported in Norfolk’s hospitals

Coronavirus death toll jumps by 3,800 following new data

UK deaths pass 26,000 as figures include care home cases

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds announce birth of son

Bill and Mary Dartnall die on same day

Remdesivir: Drug has 'clear cut' power to fight coronavirus

Outcry as Spanish beach sprayed with bleach


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Arctic Terns x 45 flew over Breydon Water
Arctic Terns x 22 flew over, Garganey, Great White Egret at Welney WWT
Osprey flew over Cley
Arctic Terns x 2 at Whitlingham Country Park
Ring Ouzel at Weybourne Camp
Whimbrel x 30 at Stubb Road, Hickling
Ring Ouzels x 5 at Heacham
Osprey, Arctic Tern, Great White Egret at Blakeney Freshmarsh

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Tuesday 28 April 2020


Today at 11am, we stood in memory of Chrissie Emerson, one of our NHS family, who died of Covid-19 and in memory of all NHS workers and Care Workers who have lost their lives in the coronavirus pandemic. Our hearts and thoughts are with you all – RIP.💔

Family of key worker who died join hospital staff for silence

QEH, One Minute's Silence

Remembering 100 NHS and healthcare workers who have died

UK key worker deaths marked with minute's silence

Good Morning Britain pay tribute to the more than 100 frontline staff across the NHS and social care that have died fighting coronavirus

A record high 18 deaths at Norfolk’s hospitals

Anaesthetist at James Paget writes ‘hopeful’ song while recovering from coronavirus

Care home deaths up as hospital cases fall

Coronavirus immunity: Can you catch it twice?

Pentagon releases UFO videos for the record


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Ring Ouzels x 3 at Weybourne Camp
Garganey, Great White Egret at Welney WWT
Ring Ouzel, Spoonbill at South Beach, Heacham
Great White Egret at Blakeney Freshmarsh
Spoonbill at Salthouse
Short-eared Owl at Thorpe Marshes, Haddiscoe

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

RBA Weekly Round-Up 21st to 27th April!

By Jon Dunn

Monday 27 April 2020


Five more deaths brings Norfolk total to 242

NHS staff urged to take part in minute’s silence tribute

Panorama this evening was shocking in so many ways. So we are not using the full PPE that we should be for every Covid-19 patient?!!! £60,000 given to next of kin on death of a frontline NHS worker – guilt for their cock-up?!!! Why didn't they spend that money on getting PPE in the first place and then we wouldn't have had so many NHS deaths?! #ANGRY Watch it now on iPlayer:
PANORAMA: Has The Government Failed the NHS?

UK failed to stockpile crucial PPE

Rare syndrome seen in UK children

Boris Johnson says this is moment of maximum risk


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Great White Egrets x 3 Buttle Marsh NR, west of Ludham
Spotted Redshank, Short-eared Owl at Breydon Water
Spotted Redshank, Short-eared Owl at Belton Marshes
Little Stint at Cley NWT
Wood Sandpiper at Potter Heigham Marshes
Garganey, Great White Egret at Welney WWT
Ring Ouzels x 3 at Weybourne Camp
Bar-tailed Godwit at Cantley Marshes RSPB
Short-eared Owl at Blakeney Freshmarsh
Turtle Dove at New Buckenham Common

BOOTED EAGLE pale morph
probable, flew NW over Pegwell Bay, Kent
St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Sunday 26 April 2020


I can't quite believe what I achieved today, my cycling trip via North Wootton and Castle Rising to Dersingham Bog and back home totalled 14.5 miles!

I set off early morning before the heat set in. In North Wootton Woods, I saw my Nuthatch again and Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps were singing. Other birds seen: Great Tit, Robin, Blackbird, Red-legged Partridge, Rook, Jackdaw, Mistle Thrush, Greenfinch, Long-tailed Tit, Chaffinch, Linnet, Goldfinch, House Sparrow, Egyptian Goose, Great Spotted Woodpecker. I love cycling past the beautiful gardens at Castle Rising – one particularly property has a horse meadow that produces a good selection of birds, such as Mistle Thrush, Blackbird, Goldfinches, Linnets and so on – I was hoping for a Ring Ouzel, but none seen yet at this little spot. There is another garden that has some apple trees and hens in – today the hens were sitting under a beautiful Wisteria in full flower – a wonderfully colourful scene. I had forgotten that you can't take your cycle through the kissing gates at Castle Rising, so had to divert around the church and found a very scenic seat by a wall overlooking the war memorial and several beautiful mature trees – I rested here for a while to enjoy the view.

Cycled onto Babingley Bridge via "Onion Corner" and heard my first Cuckoo at 10.45am! At the bridge I walked right (too bumpy to cycle) to follow the river for a while and then retraced my steps and continued towards the A149, but diverted along the official cycle path to Sandringham, and then had to risk life and limb along the A149 at the Babingley Dip as its known and then turned left to Wolferton. At the Scissors Cross Car Park, I went through the kissing gate to Dersingham Bog and walked (as request, no cycling allowed here) through the reserve. It was very hot now and the wrong time of day for bird action, but I did see several Stonechats perched up. I walked as far as the large pond, where there were several large black cattle snoozing under the darkness of the pine trees – they were almost camouflaged! Opposite here, on the slope adjacent to the path, brought back happy memories of time spent assisting my dear father, to photograph Green Tiger Beetles – I remember holding his hat at a particular angle to cut out the light as he was photographing one of these cracking little beetles and him declaring that I was a good photography assistant (pre me owning an SLR) – I'll always remember that moment like it was yesterday.

Anyway, I walked through the pines and managed to get my bike and myself into a gloriously shady resting spot, right in front of the pond, sitting under rhododendron bushes. It was really lovely sitting here and nobody could see me! Perfect birding spot too. A Chiffchaff sang its heart out and a Wren was seen, 2 Shelducks and a Greylag Goose. Had my lunch here and a long rest. Suddenly 2 Ravens appeared overhead and were calling – WOW!!! My camera was packed away in the back bicycle basket – too late! I got the camera out anyway and waited – my patience paid off as one of the Ravens appeared again later and I managed to get some half decent shots. Also saw a Marsh Harrier here, just before I left. Ambled back in the intense heat and had lovely views of a Green Woodpecker along the path with mature trees, just before I climbed up to the kissing gate/Scissor Cross Car Park.

I don't think I will do this cycle ride again, as I felt very vulnerable cycling along the A149, even though I was only on it for a short distance. Headed home via Babingley and Castle Rising. I was very pleased to see that the large red graffiti letters have been removed from Babingley Bridge – it looks so much better now! Several butterflies seen today including: Brimstone, Orange Tip, Peacock and Speckled Wood – I haven't seen a Red Admiral yet this year though. At Castle Rising, I stopped to rest on the seat by the War Memorial again and scanned the skies and found 3 House Martins (my first this year) in the beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Cycled through the woods, crossed Ling Common Road and through the final section of wood. Here I bumped into Jane and Dan with their new twins in double pram! Jane is on maternity leave and is a Speech and Language Therapist in our team – it was so lovely to see them, but couldn't peer into the pram obviously – I viewed from 6ft away, they looked so sweet! I felt really tired now and was looking forward to returning home.

It felt so good to rest on my sofa after my big cycle ride – duly fell asleep! Cooked tea and fell asleep again. Back to work tomorrow.


12 new deaths confirmed at Norfolk hospitals

Furloughed workers to be urged to take fruit picking jobs to bring in harvest

Norfolk coronavirus testing centres for key workers to open

UK must find 'new normal' to ease lockdown - Raab

Boris Johnson's return to work 'a boost for the country'


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Turtle Doves x 2, Nightingale at New Buckenham Common
Sandwich Terns x 2 flew over Bowthorpe, Ring Ouzel at Bowthorpe Marsh, Norwich
Spoonbills x 3 near Walsey Hills NOA
Ring Ouzel at Snettisham Coastal Park
Bar-tailed Godwits x 2 at Cantley Marshes RSPB
Ring Ouzels x 2, Whinchats x 2 at Skelding Hill, Sheringham
Great White Egrets x 2, Spoonbill at Cley NWT
Turtle Dove flew over West Runton
Turtle Dove singing near Downsland Park, Great Moulton
Ring Ouzel, Lapland Bunting flew over Weybourne Camp
Great White Egret, Garganey at Welney WWT
Richard's Pipit at Overstrand
Ring Ouzel at Hemsby
Black Tern at Whitlingham Country Park
Turtle Dove singing in garden at Hempstead

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Saturday 25 April 2020


An evening walk resulted in my first Swallow at last!!! It was a joy to see as it skimmed over my head near the fields behind Spring Wood, adjacent to Reffley. Probably the latest one I have ever seen, due to being stuck inland! Saw my Short-eared Owl again and got closer views this time, as it twisted and turned in the evening sunlight, over the reed bed and fields. Green Woodpeckers were laughing and Blackcaps, Chiffchaffs and Reed Warblers were singing. I didn't see the Barn Owl this evening, but this is such a vast area, I'm sure it was there somewhere. A Kestrel was perched in the middle of the fields and there were lots of Muntjac and Pheasants around.

This all sounds lovely I know, but I'm screaming to go to the coast, I feel inprisioned and its really affecting my mood. Plus, I don't feel free or safe walking round here, I'm constantly looking behind me – I rarely feel like that on the coast. Back at home I sat in my deckchair listening to a Blackbird singing at dusk. Late evening, I felt the urge to cook and made some rock cakes and ginger biscuits.

Woman in her 30s among six more coronavirus deaths in Norfolk’s hospitals

‘You need to be prepared for all situations’ - trainee nurse associate speaks of life inside hospital

UK could see 40,000 coronavirus deaths, UEA professor warns

Boris Johnson to return amid 'lockdown dilemma'

Worldwide death toll climbs to 200,000

Dancer uses bin night to perform for neighbours


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SAVI'S WARBLER at Potter Heigham Marshes
Redstart north of Wymondham
Common Cranes x 2 flew over Norwich
Raven between Dereham and North Elmham
Great White Egret, Spoonbill at Cley NWT
Little Gull at Thorpe St Andrew
Ring Ouzel at Morston
Whimbrel at Nunnery Lakes NR, Thetford
Rough-legged Buzzard flew over West Runton
Spoonbills x 3 flew over, Ring Ouzel at Northrepps
Spoonbills x 7 at Blakeney Freshmarsh
Great White Egret, Garganey at Welney WWT
Hen Harrier flew over East Barsham

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

"BIG JAKE", John Ward Sadly Passed Away – Rest In Peace

I was very sad to hear yesterday that "Big Jake" as he was known, sadly passed away yesterday morning. My sincere condolences to his wife Ruth and all his family and friends.

I clearly remember "Big Jake" coming to Holme Bird Observatory to twitch rarities, when I was a teenager in the seventies/early eighties – he wore a very long black trench coat and with his black hair and beard, was a very tall and distinctive figure! He always stood out amongst the other birdwatchers – I don't think he had a particularly brilliant relationship with my late father as I recall, as he would more then often manage to dodge paying for a permit!!! A huge part of the happy memories I have of my early birding days.

I last saw Jake with his wife watching Dotterels at Choseley on the 1st May 2016. Prior to that I bumped in to him at Holme NWT watching a Red-breasted Flycatcher on 22nd September 2012, 11th September 2011 at Titchwell RSPB for the Little Bittern, on 16th April 2011 for the White Spotted Bluethroat at Welney WWT and on 29th March 2010 for the Lesser Kestrel at Westleton Heath in Suffolk – it was on this particular occasion, that we realised our paths had not crossed for many, many years and it was he who recognised me – an excerpt from my blog: "A face from the very distant past then turned up – a well-built, tall man, with grey beard and green wool hat came up to me and shook my hand ‘have not seen you since you were about so high’ – I stood mystified as to who this was – I had no idea........ ‘Big Jake’ he said. ‘Oh my goodness’ I almost screeched. Big Jake as he was known (and still is apparently) was a serious, hard core twitcher from years ago. I remember him very well when I worked at Holme Bird Observatory with father – he always wore a long black wool trench coat, black longish hair and a black wool hat - he would appear at Holme every time a rarity/mega turned up. Big Jake said to me ‘I recognised you instantly - you look exactly the same as you did when you were about what, 15?’ - ‘that was 30 years ago’ I said!!!!!! Lovely compliment! Jake then reminded me that he would regularly try and 'tick' a rare bird at Holme without buying a permit and how my father also regularly asked him to leave if he didn't buy a permit – I remember it well!!!"

Another great birding icon has departed this earth – his memory will live on

Rest In Peace "Big Jake"

Friday 24 April 2020


Woman in her 30s among 12 new coronavirus deaths at Norfolk hospitals

Fears care home residents are serving ‘prison sentences’ in social isolation

Coronavirus recovery plan 'must tackle climate change'

How clubs and DJs are moving to live streaming

Captain Tom tops the charts at the age of 99


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Common Cranes x 2 flew over Norwich
Wryneck, Great White Egret, Spoonbill at Cley NWT
Long-tailed Duck flew past beach car park at Cley
Short-eared Owl flew over Felmingham
Common Cranes x 2 flew over Rockland Broad
Common Cranes x 2 flew over Brundall
Osprey flew over Thornham
Ring Ouzel at South Beach, Black-throated Diver flew past, Osprey flew over Heacham
Common Cranes x 5 flew over Hemsby
Hen Harrier at Roydon Common NNR
Ring Ouzel flew over Mundford
Osprey flew over Hicking Broad NWT
Redstart at Friary Hills NT, Blakeney
Spoonbill, Great White Egrets x 2 at Blakeney Freshmarsh
Spoonbills x 2 at North Point Pools, Wells
Turtle Dove in garden at Waxham
Spotted Crake singing at Ted Ellis NR, Surlingham

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Thursday 23 April 2020


Two birders kindly gave me a bit more info re last night's Wood Warbler – Geoffrey P. let me know that it was reported on Birdguides as being near Reid Way, North Lynn Industrial Estate and also when I texted him, Jim S. said the same thing. Jim checked out the site this morning and this evening with no sign at all. Such a pity. It would have been awesome to see a Wood Warbler and in King's Lynn too AND only a short cycle ride away!!!

This evening I ambled around the corner and watched the Short-eared Owl hunting over the fields again along with a Barn Owl, Magpies, Jackdaws and Pheasants. A Green Woodpecker bounded across the field into the far wood by Reffley Reservoir and I listened to my first Reed Warbler singing in a reed bed close to me! Long-tailed Tit and Wren were also seen. Lots of Muntjac Deer around. At 8pm the huge noise of pots and pans being banged for "Clap for Carers", resulted in lots of Wood Pigeons erupting over the tree tops. Walked home at the sun was setting.

Did you feel it? Earthquake reported off Norfolk coast

Eight more hospital deaths as Norfolk coronavirus toll passes 200

Norfolk to get three new coronavirus testing stations

Number of COVID-19 patients discharged from Norfolk hospital tops 100

First patients injected in UK vaccine trial

Essential workers in England to get tests

Big Night In: Stars and royals help raise £27m on BBC charity show


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Common Cranes x 2 flew over Hunstanton
Ring Ouzel NW of Abbey at Wymondham
Stone Curlew, Great White Egret at Blakeney Freshmarsh
Arctic Tern, Spotted Redshank at Breydon Water
Serin flew over Thetford
Ring Ouzel, Whimbrels x 4 at Felmingham
Spoonbills x 2, Spotted Redshanks x 3, Short-eared Owl at Cley NWT
Common Cranes x 2 flew over Lenwade
Black Terns x 4 at Hockwold Washes RSPB
Short-eared Owl near Reffley Reservoir, Common Cranes x 2 flew over King's Lynn
Black Redstart near allotments, Ring Ouzels x 3 south of Skelding Hill, Sheringham
Common Cranes x 2 flew over Cantley
Common Cranes x 4 flew over Great Ryburgh
Ring Ouzel in horse paddock east of Morston
Hen Harrier (probable) flew over Hopton-on-Sea
Black Redstart near church at Halvergate
Hen Harrier near Chedgrave
Ring Ouzel at Thorpe Marshes, Haddiscoe

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Wednesday 22 April 2020


Someone found a Wood Warbler singing at an industrial estate in King's Lynn this evening at 5.47pm, news came out late evening. I would love to know which estate this was, if anyone knows please? One of my favourite birds! I felt unusually tired this evening and did nothing apart from cooking a pasta tea. It was very hot at work today, especially with wearing surgical masks and plastic visas.

Eight more coronavirus deaths reported in Norfolk’s hospitals

Hard to prevent care home deaths, says Chris Whitty

Man, 91, applauded leaving coronavirus ward

A coronavirus survivor's story: 'I touched death'

Grandmas' top tips to get through lockdown

Social restrictions 'to remain for rest of year'


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Bar-tailed Godwits x 14 flew over Felmingham
Ring Ouzel at Poringland
PALLID HARRIER juv. flew east over Weybourne Camp & then over Beeston Bump at Sheringham
Ring Ouzel between Stalham & East Ruston
Spoonbill, Little Gull at Stiffkey Fen
Spoonbills x 2, Woodlark singing at Holme Dunes NWT
Ring Ouzels x 2 on road to Sea Palling at Hickling
Great White Egret at Blakeney Freshmarsh
Ring Ouzel at Thorpe Marshes, Haddiscoe
Ring Ouzels x 6 at Holme
Ring Ouzels x 2 just SW of Diss
Wood Warbler singing by industrial estate, King's Lynn

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Stejneger's Stonechat Published in Birdwatch Magazine!

My Stejneger's Stonechat photograph that I took at Leebiton, near Sandwick, Shetland on 27th October 2019 has been published in the April publication of Birdwatch Magazine! I have not seen it yet, but they are going to send me a copy of the magazine!

RBA Weekly Round-Up 14th to 20th April!

By Jon Dunn

Tuesday 21 April 2020


I could have easily fallen asleep on the sofa, but I was also desperate to get outside for fresh air and birds. I walked from my house and was very pleased to discover Reffley Reservoir, which is adjacent to Reffley Woods in King's Lynn. I seem to recall walking here many years ago, but didn't realise this area of water was called Reffley Reservoir, until Robert Smith kindly informed me yesterday on Twitter and tweeted me a map. It was a beautiful, sunny evening. Along the reed filled reservoir, were several Mallards with ducklings and a Moorhen. I could hear Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs singing and a Green Woodpecker cackled in the distance – I also saw Blue Tits, Robin and a Blackbird. This was a really lovely walk, however there were too many dogs being walked for my liking – to be fair, most were on leads, so that was ok, but one huge dog with big head and teeth, looked very scary and was not on a lead – it looked like a bullmastiff type dog and the two slightly built ladies with it, called it back when it was thinking about taking a sprint towards me. The frightening thing was, that it it had have gone for me, there is no way in a million years they would have been able to control it. Luckily it was an obedient dog! The large notice on the gate stated all dogs must be kept on leads, obviously they didn't see this.

I made it as far as Reffley Woods, but retraced my steps, as decided it was pretty stupid to be entering a wood on my own in late evening, so close to a residential area – if it had been on the coast, I wouldn't have thought anything of it. On the way back, I looked back towards Reffley Wood and had wonderful views of a Barn Owl carrying a large vole! I continued to walk back and not long after that I couldn't believe my luck! There in front of me was a beautiful Short-eared Owl over the fields behind Spring Wood, adjacent to the QEH hospital. Not only was it close enough for photos, it flew across my path as well!!! I did not have my camera with me sadly! I didn't even have my iPhone with me. I had purposely left all valuables at home and only had my cheaper binoculars with me, as this is not an area to be walking around with expensive gear. This is one of the reasons I rarely walk around here and always drive to the coast, but in times of lockdown I will have to for my sanity and mental health! I will have to return with the camera gear this week!

Starlink space display set to continue all week: how you can see a bright trail of satellites in the night sky tonight

Five further coronavirus deaths at Norfolk hospitals as total rises to 191

In a war zone against an invisible army: A senior doctor’s insight into life on the NHS frontline

Hospital’s coronavirus cases fall, but warns it is too early to relax

Coronavirus deaths in the Anglia region at their lowest level for nine days

UK 'throwing everything' at developing vaccine

Millions of pieces of PPE being shipped from Britain to Europe despite NHS shortages

World risks 'biblical' famines due to pandemic - UN

Couple celebrate their 'not wedding day'

Rainbow for West Raynham Stroke Team!

Artist Damien Hirst created this wonderful butterfly rainbow to raise spirits for NHS Staff and for us to download to use. I added a few words in Photoshop last night, printed a few out, spent ages cutting round the rainbows, laminated them and trimmed up. Took them to work today and put four up on the ward and in our rehab offices to try and give staff a tiny little boost and put some colour into our lives #teammoral #weareone #careforeachother #carryonregardless #poweron #bekind #airhugs


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Curlew Sandpiper, Spotted Redshank at Breydon Water
Black Redstart between Methwold & Cranwich Heath
Ring Ouzels x 3 at Snettisham Coastal Park
Ring Ouzels x 4 at Equestrian Centre, High Kelling
Turtle Dove flew over garden at Brundall
Ring Ouzel just SW of Diss
Great White Egret at Holme Dunes NWT
Swift flew over West Winch
Hen Harrier, Ring Ouzel at Roydon Common NNR
Spoonbill at Cley NWT
Short-eared Owl over fields near Reffley Reservoir, King's Lynn

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
Papa Westray, Orkney

QEH, King's Lynn, NHS – Stay Strong!


Monday 20 April 2020


11 new Norfolk coronavirus deaths confirmed

Norfolk hospital worker dies from coronavirus

Statement issued by The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn

I was shocked and very upset to learn today that Chrissie Emerson had died from Covid-19. I have worked many, many shifts with Chrissie as a bank Health Care Assistant before my current post as a Therapy Assistant. She was extremely hard working, dedicated and always smiling – can’t believe she’s gone, RIP Chrissie – my sincere condolences to her family and friends 😢 😢 😢 x x x

Senior ambulance trust manager dies after contracting coronavirus – Norfolk

Can I drive for exercise? Police chief addresses key question

Care staff will get tested in Norfolk, after being told to visit Sheffield

Damien Hirst’s rainbow giveaway

Warwickshire firefighters' birthday surprise for 100-year-old

Babies, survivors and 'floored' NHS staff

Holkham National Nature Reserve – Changing Times During The Covid 19 Pandemic

Beavers Return To Norfolk Centuries After Being Hunted To Extinction


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Curlew Sandpiper at Breydon Water
Redstart at Aylmerton
Arctic Terns x 18 flew over Felbrigg Park
Ring Ouzel north of Abbey at Wymondham
Osprey at Colney Gravel Pits
Arctic Terns x 8 flew over Weybourne Camp
Rough-legged Buzzard at Brampton, NW of Buxton
Ring Ouzels x 2 along Sea Palling Road, Hickling
Ring Ouzel SW of Diss
Black Terns x 4 flew past Hemsby
Great White Egret, Bar-tailed Godwit at Welney WWT
Large Tortoiseshell Butterfly between Briston & Thornage

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Sunday 19 April 2020


I took the bike for a spin this morning and cycled to Lynn Point. This is not one of my favourite places, but its the closest I'm going to get, to being by the sea at the moment! Its several years since I have cycled and my goodness I found it hard work, which was fine, but the biggest issues was my seat felt like a brick wall. The seat is a good one, but I realised why it felt so uncomfortable...... as some of my regular readers will recall, a few years ago I unknowingly sat down on a wooden stump hidden in grass, on the sloped bank at Titchwell RSPB to photograph a bird. I will never forget the pain that caused to my coccyx bone and it has remained painful ever since. I stupidly didn't even think about that, when I spent money getting the bike serviced etc. I will have to pop into Surf55 to ask about an alternative seat.

It didn't take too long to get to Lynn Point. At Fisherfleet, I had the Peregrine sitting on the tower and hundreds of gulls in a feeding frenzy along with a few Mallards. I had a fairly decent bird list, but still no Swallows or Martins seen. I was hoping for Ring Ouzels in the horse meadows at the far end, but no luck with that. The best thing about being out this morning was the light – it was incredibly bright – everything looked magically lighter as if it had been Photoshopped! I presumed it was because of the lack of pollution with aircraft, but who knows!

I cycled all that way, but several people cruised past me in their cars to get out and walk their dogs! I could have done the same! If we had been allowed to drive for our daily exercise, Lynn Point would not have been my first port of call! All very frustrating! Bird of the morning was a beautiful Lesser Whitethroat which I heard and saw and several Whitethroats were calling, including one I watched for a while in a hawthorn bush at the very end of Lynn Point. I also heard Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps and watched Linnets along the hedge lined track towards the horse meadows. Overhead I had a Kestrel hovering, a Marsh Harrier, 2 Common Buzzards and later another, which was being mobbed by a Carrion Crow. A Heron also flew over me towards West Lynn. In the estuary there were hundreds of Brent Geese along with Greylag Geese, 4 Avocets, 2 Redshanks, Shelducks, Mallards, Oystercatchers and Jackdaws. I laid the bike down in the grass and sat at the very end of Lynn Point for about half an hour, trying to pretend I was looking at waves crashing on a beach! I scanned hard to find a Wheatear, but no luck with that. I really like my new bike helmet, it acts as a good sunhat too!

I left here and cycled back via Lucy's and phoned her when I got to the car park, where she lives. We stood chatting outside in the car park at about 12 feet apart for about 10 minutes – it was lovely to see her. She said how much she misses going for a walk, but as a vulnerable adult no one is allowed out at the moment. I took a fairly decent picture of Lucy to text to Vivien, being as they have not seen each other, since before the start of all this lockdown. Cycled back home and arrived back by 2.45pm and duly collapsed on the sofa. Had an ice-cream and fruit and fell asleep. Woke up and planned what to cook for tea. Drifted off to sleep again and woke up at 10.10pm!!! No tea then! Goodnight!

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Ring Ouzels x 2 at Limpenhoe
Black Redstart singing in Norwich
Ring Ouzel on west side of Caister-on-Sea
Wryneck in gardens, Great White Egret at Cley
Spoonbills x 2 flew over King's Lynn
Raven flew over Stiffkey
Common Cranes x 8 at Welney WWT
Arctic Terns x 9 flew over East Ruston Common
Black Redstart between Blakeney & Morston
Pied Flycatcher near Kettlehill Plantation, Blakeney
Spoonbills x 4, Little Gulls x 7 at Stiffkey Fen

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

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Saturday 18 April 2020


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Ring Ouzels x 2 just east of Morston
Great White Egret, Short-eared Owl at Blakeney Freshmarsh
Great White Egret, Spoonbill at Cley NWT
Whinchat at Kelling Water Meadows
Black Redstart between Blakeney & Morston
Hobby, Swift at Colney Gravel Pits

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

Friday 17 April 2020


Thank god its Friday!!!

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Little Gulls x 2 at Thorpe Marsh, Thorpe St Andrew
Little Gulls x 4 flew over Long Stratton
Ring Ouzels x 2 at Felmingham
Ring Ouzel at Caistor St Edmund
Ring Ouzel in garden at Morston
Spoonbills x 2 at Holme
Little Gulls x 9, Arctic Terns x 2 at Whitlingham Country Park
Ring Ouzel at Limpenhoe
Cattle Egret between Ludham & Potter Heigham
Great White Egret at Bayfield Hall
Great White Egret, Bar-tailed Godwit at Welney WWT
Black Redstart at Hempton Memorial Hall

St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

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