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Friday 29 September 2023


Lunna, Shetland

Another new bird, another mega, another awesome day!


I had a hairdressers appointment in the morning, got out of there at 13.50. Went to Lerwick Health Centre for an appointment at 14.00. Logged into the computer to log my arrival, it accepted my name, date of birth etc and I sat in the waiting room. I waited. News of a new bird for me hit WhatsApp, a Veery!!! Always wanted to see one of these, how frustrating that I was not able to go now. When it got to 14.35, I walked to the reception desk to ask how late they were running. You couldn't make up what happened next! The receptionist said, we tried to contact you a couple of days ago, as the person who was seeing you is off sick. So long and short of it was, I sat there for 35 minutes for an appointment that had been cancelled, when I could have been driving north!!! No words!

Headed to Lunna Kirk. Passed several birder's cars and tour mini buses leaving! I don't think I have been here before, its a very beautiful area indeed. Parked my car on the grass just before the Lunna Kirk sign and then walked left through a farm gate to join others standing watching a Veery feeding in the leaf litter amongst several trees, backed by a very tall stone wall – a sheltered little spot from the wind and rain. When I first saw it, it was truly magical, this is the first rare thrush I have ever seen, just wow!


Not long after I arrived, someone said there were Orcas in the bay around the corner, several people left. What a dilema! Did I stay here to watch my new bird, or go and have my third sighting of Orcas? I decided to stay with the Veery! I can't remember how many people were here when I first arrived, maybe 35 people at a guesss. 'Veery' difficult to photograph, as there was an square fence wire all the way along!

It was magical to watch this stunning little thrush, cute is an understatement! It kicked the leaves about in an amusingly aggresive manner to find the food it so desperately needed after its long journey. It was beautiful to watch it really was. I can't quite believe all the amazing birds I'm seeing here, so very lucky! I stayed here until the very end and left one person with it, an artist sketching the Veery – I think he said he name was Howard.

Walked down to the beach to take some scenery pictures, returned to my car and headed home. Stocked up for tomorrow in the Co-op. A very early start in the morning!

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