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Friday 15 September 2023

East Wind Overnight & A Sprinkling of Migrants!


I had lovely views of the Rosefinch at The Burn Of Sound in Lerwick in the early afternoon, but I was looking straight into the sun, so rubbish for photographs. The Rosefinch was feeding with around three Redpolls. I had a good look round for the Wryneck and the Yellow-browed Warbler, but no luck. I met a couple of birders here as I was leaving, who have just arrived for the next four weeks, so I retraced a few steps to show them where the Rosefinch was – it disappeared for a bit, then returned to its favourite spot with the Redpolls. Lots of bees, hoverflies and a couple of Red Admirals on the Sea Aster here. All the Fuchsia bushes are looking lush with their pink and purple flowers.

Rosefinch and Redpoll
The Burn Of Sound, Lerwick

I walked along the track opposite here (on the other side of the road) and towards the sea and checked the copse on route, but no birds of note apart from a handful of Blackbirds and two Swallows overhead.

Headed to Boddam and had stunning views of the Wood Warbler in a sycamore, along with a Willow Warbler on the edge of someone's stunning garden – watched this with Hugh H. Wood Warblers are one of my favourite birds, I felt very lucky to see this. There was also a Willow Warbler chasing it round, a Wren, a Blackbird and two Swallows flew over. Hugh and I got ticked off for standing on the verge – oh dear!

A stunning Wood Warbler at Boddam


I then went to the garden at Grutness to see if any of the lovely birds were left from this morning, that birders had found. Its a joy standing by the stone wall, looking into this stunning little garden, its so prettily planted! Best bird seen was a beautiful Lesser Whitethroat in the sycamores. A few Starlings and a Wren, but no sign or sound of the Barred Warbler or Redstart. In the field adjacent to the garden were 35+ House Sparrows feeding on the ground with the chickens and 2 Pied Wagtails – such a lovely scene.

Headed up to Sumburgh Head to have a look at the new Look Out Shelter/Sea-watching Shelter that the RSPB have built, just before the entrance/cattle grid walk up to the lighthouse. I saw it a few weeks ago, but it was not open, it now is. I was surprised there wasn't an official RSPB display board up? Maybe there is one coming soon? If not, they really should have one that reads something like "Sea-watching Shelter" or "Look Out Shelter" with a second line reading "Do not camp in overnight". I was slightly startled when I walked up to the shelter, to find a man, plus touring bike, plus sleeping bag gear and all the seats were covered with his belongings and he was cooking on a little stove!!! As he pointed out to me, "its doesn't say I can't stay in here" – fair point! It will be interesting to see what happens in future if this occurs again and happy campers are woken up by the pre-dawn arrival of birders intending to sit and set up their scopes for a serious sea-watch!!! There could be some issues!

Took some pictures of the North Link Ferry departing past Sumburgh with Gannets swirling by and then headed to West Voe and Scatness beach beach to take a few sunset shots and then cruised home. I actually had a space in my street, instead of having to unload the car in the middle of the road and then parking somewhere elsewhere! Can't wait to get my own drive and come to think a house would be good too! I feeling quite despondent about getting a property before my 6 month tenancy finishes – I really thought I would be in my own house by now and unpacking boxes.

Northlink Ferry and Gannets at Sumburgh Head

North west winds all tomorrow, south on Sunday and SE from 5pm and overnight. Monday: 5am onwards, SE, strong winds and heavy rain until 10am and then wind drops a bit with more rain, switches to south at 3pm, then SW for the rest of the afternoon. Tuesday: SW all day. Wednesday: south and SE, SW all day.


1 comment:

  1. I regularly used to see a man who slept in the bird hide at Willen lake, Milton Keynes (where the peace pagoda is).

    I used only to go in if he was up and we'd chat while he ate breakfast (beans, cold, out of the tin).

    Then we'd both go off to work.