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Tuesday 31 October 2023

Buying Property in Shetland!

The one thing I hadn't fully realised when I moved to Shetland, was how difficult it is to buy property here. My first bid failed and I was only third in line out of four. The bidding wars here are like playing Russian Roulette. There are very few good properties that come up, they either need lots of expensive work doing beyond my budget or they have been built with Sullom blocks, which you avoid like the plague. When a good property comes up at a good price, everyone is after it and the highest bidder wins.

One month ago a beautiful 'former croft' came onto the market – I was the first person to view it, I put in an offer the following day and my offer was accepted straight away without anyone else viewing the property and no bidding wars! I couldn't believe my luck! I loved this property, it was everything I was looking for, large garden, sea views, detached, one level and inside was just so quirky. It was almost too good to be true 🤔! I could see myself living there forever, I was excited and couldn't wait for the sale to go through. I was also looking forward to being in my own home before Christmas.

Last week the sellers' solicitor informed my solicitor, that the majority of the garden had not been de-crofted. I won't say much more and my thoughts on this, but I was shocked, angry and highly disappointed. I have been very stressed and upset all weekend. This morning (Monday) I decided to sensibly withdraw my offer and have lost around a month's wages on paying the solicitors fees so far. Another door closed. Not a good day at all 😠😞😢

Again, I restart my search for my dream home, which hopefully will be third time lucky, with no hidden surprises or/and crofting issues. 🤞


  1. Gosh Penny, so sorry for you, but what does that actually mean, majority of the garden not fully decrofted? Is it something that you could have lived with for a while until it was decrofted or was there no chance of that? Just interested to know what the situation was. Best of luck next time!

  2. Can you explain why not being decrofted is a problem? Never heard of this!

  3. Stick at it, Penny. I've bought and sold several properties in Norfolk and the legals are always problematic. Shetland sounds like a different dimension so, Good luck!!