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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Roydon Common NWT!

Got home from work and dozed on the sofa for a while. Grabbed bins and camera and headed out for a spot of local birding. I don't often go to Roydon Common, especially in the evenings, its quite a lonely place, but decided it would be a change of scene and its only a few miles from my house. I was hoping to find some more Ring Ouzels. I found two at Snettisham Coastal Park at the weekend and then said on Sunday that Choseley Barns is a good place for Ring Ouzels and somebody goes and finds one the following day. Now, I didn't find any this evening, so this probably means someone will find one or two at Roydon Common tomorrow!

The car parking area has massive pot holes – its like a rollercoaster and needs to be driven along in 1st gear with great caution! It was a beautiful evening and there was no one else here at all. As soon as I started walking along the chalk path through the swathes of heather, I saw a stunning pair of Stonechats and another pair and another and ended up seeing 8 Stonechats, all pairs! A Ringtail Harrier flew over the reedbeds just under the tree line distantly. Two Common Buzzards flew overhead. A Skylark was singing high in the sky and two Grey Partridges plummeted from the heather. Lapwings were displaying and spending their time around the wet/flooded areas. A Jay flew across and there were several Jackdaws and a few Carrion Crows. A few Linnets sat around in the bushes at middle distance and 4 Canada Geese flew over.

My highlight was a Wheatear on the grassy slopes – well I thought it was the highlight until a bit later on. I scanned hard to find a Ring Ouzel, but no luck. On the way back I had an unexpected surprise! As I was watching one of the male Stonechats perched up (colour ringed), I spotted a turquoise shape, perched up – it didn't move – I continued to watch in disbelief that this was a Kingfisher. There are several pools around, but I have never seen a Kingfisher here before. Suddenly a flash of turquoise shot across the reeds and heather!!! It was a Kingfisher – this rather overshadowed the rest of my birding this evening!

Took some sunset pictures, just before I left. I didn't get any pictures of the Stonechats as they were too distant really. I still can't believe I saw a Kingfisher on Roydon Common! Nature is full of surprises. So glad I stirred from my doze on the sofa earlier!

Cooked an omelette when I got home and placed pan under grill to finish off – took out of oven and then very stupidly got hold of metal handle with my hand – as a St John First Aider. I should have known better! I had to wrap bandage around hand myself, which I just about managed. Good Night.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely pix of Roydon on Mushtome this evening.... Kingfishers are strange beasts... we have one here who regularly leaves the straight route along the millstream to fly right around the main building. I think it is trying to catch the fish unawares.
    Thinking about you and your poor hand... I know how it feels... I once picked up a hot laboratory tripod...had the roasted skin for a couple of months.
    I'll bet the air was blue!!
    I'm nursing my poor Mrs. who took a casserole out of the microwave... needing both hands to do it... turned back to close the microwave door to find it had come to meet her. Smashed the side of her head against it...
    You need a laugh... Ring Boozels are the same species as Blackbirds...
    when they see birdwatchers coming, they do their collars up to hide the white shirt. Did you notice an excess of Blackbirds?
    Get well soon!