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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Family Day!

Changed my mind about what I was doing today – I felt very tired and stressed. I also felt guilty, as I hadn't seen Father since last Sunday and really wanted to see him. So, I picked up my sister Lucy and drove to Heacham to visit Father. I have not seen Father in the morning for a long time and thought he might be more alert – wrong, he was very sleepy. But amusingly he seemed to wake up a little and chuckled when I told him about the cat incident this morning! Sometimes you think he isn't listening, but when you ask if he is, he gives a little nod – he always appears to be listening intently when I talk about birds. The staff have moved him from his permanent position in the conservatory, as he keeps complaining about the door being left open when other residents go in/out of the garden all day long. He is now sitting in the main living room, which is not so bright and sunny, but he looked much happier and warmer.

He seemed pleased that Lucy and I were there. We took him through to the dining room and helped him with his lunch and dessert. I also used my magic powers to encourage two other residents to eat their entire desserts, which they did! Gold star to me! We took Father back to the living room, where staff transferred him from the wheelchair to the armchair. Father wanted his hat on, so got that from his room, tucked him up with his blanket and left him to doze – he looked snug and happy.

Took Lucy to Hunstanton, where we picked up some lunch and then headed to Holme to join Mother and Vivien. Lucy and I stayed at Holme, whilst Vivien took Mother to visit Father – so he had plenty of visitors today! Father was dozing when they visited him and they couldn't wake him up! Later on Vivien took Lucy back to King's Lynn and I went birding locally. Went to the village car park at Holme and watched the scrub for any migrants – I was hoping for a Pied Flycatcher, but only managed one Chiffchaff. It was extremely windy today, which really didn't help. I then went to Holme Marsh Reserve and sat in the first hide. It was completely dead here apart from 2 Moorhens and a Kestrel. Left and returned to King's Lynn – beautiful sunset as I drove past Ringstead Mill.

Not bothering going to the Bird Fair this weekend – not in a very socialising mood at the moment! Pity I won't get my annual Simon King picture, but there we go!

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