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Wednesday 2 November 2016

Father's 90th Birthday Celebrations!

 Aged 90 Today!

I spent several hours using the sewing machine at work last night, making Father a hand warming muff with neck strap in his favourite colour, bright green. Even though the care home is hot, his hands are always cold. I had purchased some luxury dense fleece type green fabric and a special chocolate brown lining fabric that had wadding within, from the Fent Shop in King's Lynn. But to my horror, certain sections were too thick for the machine to cope with, so I'm having to do a lot of hand sewing, and it sadly it wasn't quite ready for the big day! I will post a picture of the finished item, when complete. I'm in the middle of making two, one to wear, one for the wash!

Father looked really well today and was in top form – well, top form for someone that has reached 90! I visited him twice, firstly at lunchtime and brought him a '90' helium balloon and a '90' badge to wear – he was pleased with the badge. Several birthday cards had arrived by post and I was excited to see who they were from, but waited until later on, when Mother visited too. Any cards opened and left on the table, might have gone walk about. There are a few residents, one springs to mind in particular who loves cards and loves collecting them up!
Father with me!

I had to go to a haberdashery shop in Hunstanton to buy some more bits and pieces for the hand muff and picked up some requested bread for Mother and then headed to Holme. I have lost count of how many beds the spoilt cat now has all around the house! Also Mother had placed grated cheese (I kid you not) on a tea plate which was placed on newspaper on the landing for the cat to eat!!! "Why can't the cat walk down the kitchen to eat that?" I asked..... Mother replied "its warmer upstairs with the radiator on – too cold for her to walk downstairs to eat"!!!!!! You couldn't make it up!

Mother and I arrived at Summerville House Care Home in Heacham, a few minutes after Lucy and Vivien. It was a job to sit with Father as he sits in a row with other residents, alongside a wall/window, but we managed to squeeze in! We assisted Father to open all his presents: lots of chocolates including a Thorntons chocolate champagne bottle, 2 shirts and socks from Lucy, a green zipped fleece and a framed picture of my card (which I printed out, as well as the card) from me, a new soft knee blanket, neck purse/bag to keep sweets and tissues in from Vivien and slippers and chocolates from Mother. There was a lovely card from Malcolm and Eileen, our very close friends (might as well say family as known them since year dot!) and some cards that were very unexpected and a lovely surprise – not from anyone we thought they might be from, but from birders that read my blog! I am so touched by that and I can't thank you enough. The cards were from Alan Paine, Christine and Patrick Riley, K & E Hill & Tony – so very kind to take the time to send cards, huge thanks to you all immensely.

Blowing out the candles!

Blowing out the last candle took a lot of puffs this year!

Father and Mother!

The next big surprise was Malcolm and Eileen arriving at the care home! This made my day, especially when Eileen is so ill. Father looked thrilled to see them both – well I say 'see', he can't really, but he instantly recognised their voices and looked so chuffed. He made me laugh when he demanded that someone get Eileen a chair – she was already sitting down, in a wheelchair. It was pretty crowded here now and it started to get a bit too much for Father, although he managed to eat a fried egg sandwich with assistance from me. One of the staff brought out a chocolate birthday cake with candles and we all sang Happy Birthday and pictures were taken by the staff and us and cake distributed – very nice it was too, thanks to Stephanie Middleton who kindly made it.

Malcolm took some 'proper' photos of us all with wide angle lens (he probably needed a wide angle he joked to me - ha ha ha!) Helped Eileen outside in the wheelchair and into her car when they left, so nice to see them on this very special occasion. I took all Father's cards and presents upstairs to his room and we left just as the staff were assisting him to the wheelchair to take him to bed, he was worn out and so were we! Vivien took Lucy home and I took Mother home. I had to do the on-line shop for Mother when I returned home, which I didn't feel like doing, but hey ho!

Thanks to everyone, including all the staff and residents at Summerville House Care Home, who made my Father's 90th Birthday Celebrations so special. I'm so glad he reached his 90th, I hope I make it that far!



One of Lucy's presents
Framed another picture of my card to hang in Father's room

The finished Hand Muff I made for Father!

1 comment:

  1. That is a wonderful post Penny...
    I learnt a lot listening to your Father all those years ago... things that have enabled me to get much from all my observations of nature... not just the birds.
    To your father I say....
    "Thank you Mr. Clarke... for all your words of wisdom...your hints and tips...your sharing of your knowledge...thank you very much."