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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Weekend Update!

The weather has been pretty awful, with gloomy grey skies, bitter cold and not a hint of sunshine all weekend. I dipped on the Waxwings in Oasis Way, Hunstanton yesterday and that was my birding for the weekend! Spent Saturday evening with my Mother, who was in a very low mood – suffering with sinusitis and not slept for several days.

I was working all today until 5pm and then after a quick change at home, went to visit my Father. Arrived at the care home at 6pm and he had already been taken to bed. I went up to his room and he was fully awake. He was so pleased to see me and became very emotional – he was really sobbing for a while. It was heartbreaking. He said that he couldn't stand it much longer and that he had nothing else to live for and just wanted to get out of here. He was fed up with sitting in the chair and fed up of being in bed and in a very sad voice said that no one cared about him anymore.

I managed to calm him down and chatted about anything I could think of to interest him. It was much nicer being with him here, there was no interruptions, no noise, no nothing, just the two of us. I talked about Mother's and Lucy's birthdays – their presents and how old they were. Father was quite astounded when I said Lucy was now 49 and remarked that this made her nearly as old as me!!! I rambled on.......Lucy playing her violin in rehearsals, the bird news in Norfolk, the Siberian Accentor that has turned up in Scotland and maybe Norfolk still had a chance of one landing here, my job, the weather etc. I reminded him how much warmer it was here and how cold it was in Mother's house at Holme, just in case he thought it would be better to return home, which isn't possible anyway. His feet were cold, even with thick socks on, but no hot water bottles are allowed, so I put a blanket over his feet, underneath the duvet. He was settled when I left.

I had to go to my Mother's again this evening, as I had stupidly left my reading glasses there last night and struggled at work today with an old pair of glasses! The winds are switching south mid-week, so it hould be a little warmer for us all soon!

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