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Monday, 2 April 2018

Nurse Penny!

First of all, you will note there has been no April Fool's joke from me, I've got myself in too much trouble in the past, so gave it a miss this year! Sorry to anyone that's been disappointed by lack of "Stop press Mega news....." – not many of you I'm sure!

Its been a funny couple of days, Saturday was spent recovering from the big walk and I've pulled a muscle in my right calf – great! Today was spent coming to the rescue of my baby sister Vivien.

Vivien suffers badly with back pain, but on the odd occasion it becomes seriously bad and yesterday she could not even move from laying flat. Vivien was on her partner's Ray's narrowboat and was obviously in serious pain and the co- dydramol tablets she was taking were not doing any good at all.

I had some Voltarol tablets which were prescribed for my tail bone injury last July (still in pain from that and was told it would take a year to heal) and decided Vivien needed these tablets asap. Being as its Easter weekend, she wasn't going to get any other tablets from GP, unless she went to A&E.

Voltarol is a brilliant anti-inflammatory medication and I have taken this several times throughout my life (mainly for endometriosis many, many years ago). I'm ashamed to say, that I had never been to see Ray's narrow boat since they have been together, which is not very good at all really.

Arrived in Ely and was greeted by Ray who had to open the gate to the marina and then gave me instructions on where to park. It was very exciting stepping into a narrowboat – having never been on one before. Wow, what a cosy little boat! Found my patient at the end of the boat and looking very poorly! "Bossy big sister" (as Vivien labels me) soon gave Vivien instructions with tablets and suggested she take Voltarol (max 3 times a day) and Paracetamol alternately and staggered throughout the day. I don't know if this will work, but should have better results than what she had been taking. After a while, Vivien was able to walk the length of the boat, which Ray seemed pleased by, but it looked uncomfortable for her. Vivien also said she could hardly move her right arm and her fingers felt numb on her right hand only – the pain in her back was not in the lower spine area, but upper spine. Ray made us all a scrumptious dinner, but Vivien had to eat hers mostly in standing as too painful to sit down. If her pain doesn't improve by the 3rd/4th voltarol tablet, I recommended she ring 111 for advice, its such a shame as Ray and Vivien both have this week off as holiday, hope she feels better soon.

There is a very nice narrowboat for sale on the marina! But, Ely is a bit too far out for me. Ok, so two of my work colleagues live in Ely and travel to King's Lynn daily, but its not just the travelling, it wouldn't be very good for birding at all would it?! Imagine when there is a mega at Cley after work – its bad enough travelling back to King's Lynn after a twitch, never mind driving all the way back to Ely! Such a pity there are no marinas closer to King's Lynn – the other option is the broads and that would be even further to travel.

Arrived back home in King's Lynn at 10.30pm. Turned on my Applemac at about 11pm and woke up at 12.45am!!! How did I fall asleep sitting upright for all that time?! Good night!

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