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Saturday, 13 June 2020


Saturday 13th June 1992 – 28 years ago I got married and my dear father walked me down the aisle at St Mary's Church in Holme – it was a hot sunny day, as today was. Anyway, that sadly all ended in 2000. Enough about that!

Today a Marsh Warbler was found by RGM at Walsey Hills NOA, so fascinating...... exactly seven years ago, one was found in the exact same spot, well the 12th to be exact!

My sisters and I met up today for the first time since 10th March, just over three months ago! Vivien and I bought some nice food from M&S and then we all met up in Lucy's car park and walked with our deckchairs, 6ft apart to The Walks in King's Lynn for a picnic lunch. None of us wanted to be there, it was full of people and most dogs were off leads and all bounding up to us, which got me pretty cross. There is nowhere else we can all meet up. We are not allowed to take Lucy out in our cars, so we are totally limited by how far Lucy can walk, and there is nowhere else even half decent to walk to. Large groups of people walking around the park and not walking 6ft apart. Dogs running everywhere – funny that, some dog owners should really read the Covid-19 dog rules, which state all dogs must be on a lead in public or under control – that's a joke!

We sat by the river in a shady spot as it was extremely hot today. Nuthatches were calling and a Blackcap was singing. Black-headed Gulls were overhead, Squirrels played by a large yew tree next to us and birds of the day were two Goldcrests, who appeared only yards away from us in the yew tree branches, which Lucy and Vivien were both fascinated by. Speckled Wood and Peacock Butterflies also seen and there were some fish in the river. We sat and enjoyed our lunch and stayed there for almost three hours. Walked back to Lucy's, where we all then departed. I realised I had missed seeing a Marsh Warbler at Walsey Hills, but it was now after 4pm and it was seriously hot, so spent the rest of the evening chilling at home.

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