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Monday 7 March 2022


Like many of you, I can not take in what is happening in Ukraine right now. There are no appropriate words. How utterly selfish it sounds, to say that its affecting my state of mind so much – both Lucy and I have been in tears every day, watching the news. The world has gone through two years of hell with Covid and now this – new year, new start? No. Covid is hardly in the headlines now! I wouldn't be at all surprised that Putin timed his invasion, to coincide with people hoping to live 'normally' again. I can't believe what has happened since the 24th February. The atrocities are increasing as each day dawns – the death, fear and destruction is just beyond belief. I could write all night about my thoughts, but its risky considering the strongly worded and lengthy 'comment' that was sent to me on my initial post about this invasion, which I didn't publish – maybe I should for others to see?

The Ukrainians are unbelievably united and Volodymyr Zelenskyy is leading his country in a way that few others have ever done – an absolute hero and I hope he survives! Their spirit is strong, but sadly many more will be lost. The more sanctions that are put in place, the nastier it will get. Watching the terminally ill children, who are unable to get their required treatments, was heartbreaking. People being shot in the street trying to escape, hospitals and schools being bombed, houses and towns reduced to rubble – 200,000+ civilians in Mariupol trapped and now in its fifth day with no running water, no power, no sanitation, food and water running out – bodies laying in the streets and continuous shelling. Thousands trying to survive underground. Evil, devastating and catastrophic.

I feel sorry for the Russians who know what is happening and sorry for the ones who don't! Those that are protesting are now risking 15 years in prison, but many are brave and on Sunday over 4,300 were detained according to Reuters! What is Russia going to do when the prisons are full of protesters? Its utterly shocking to hear Ukrainians saying that some of their families who live in Russia, are not believing what is actually going on!!! Whatever happens, sadly there will be no good outcome. Putin has completely underestimated so many things, he knows this and must be fuming – he can't and won't back down now, but the frightening thing is, what will he do next?!

Pope Francis speaking out today was incredible, surely this could possibly make a difference?! I live in hope. Putin must have seen this.

Pope Francis spoke today and said "rivers of blood" flowing in Ukraine war

An incredible video from a Russian POW!

I have been deeply moved by Clive Myrie and Lyse Doucet's reporting from Kyiv, they make an excellent team. I know they are paid to do what they do, but still, incredibly brave, as are all the correspondents – I wondered why they were not reporting this evening and only just found out, that after being there for many weeks, Clive and some of the team are on their way back to the UK, after many, many hours trying to get out, but Lyse Doucet remains in Ukraine in an unknown location. I have also been impressed with a new reporter I have not seen or heard of before, Yalda Hakim. It was shocking to watch the Sky News Team's video – they are extremely lucky to be alive! I notice one of my favourite BBC presenters Reeta Chakrabarti is now reporting in Ukraine as of yesterday – bring her back safely! 

I fear that Kyiv is deliberately being left until last – seizing the capital being Putin's ultimate prize and end to his "special military operation"! What will he have left at the end? Nothing, but a destroyed country. Ukrainians will fight until they die – it could go on for months! What is the ******* point!

Little girl singing "Let it go" in a shelter 😢

A girl in a bomb shelter plays the violin – so beautiful, but brings tears to your eyes

A military couple marry on the frontline! 💐

💙 💔 💛

UPDATE: VERY interesting listening to Andrei Illarionov, who is the former economic policy advisor to Putin on NEWSNIGHT with Kirsty Wark. Watch from 11.23am minutes in.

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