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Friday, 15 October 2010

East Coast Birding - a D/Gull Day!

Herring Gulls - Walcott.


Started off at Waxham again but as I said in my post previously while on site, the Red-flanked Bluetail did not show today - I sat there stubbornly until 12.30pm. There were a few people there this morning including one man who had travelled with a friend and had hobbled out on crutches with a broken leg - thats dedication for you!!!! I felt really sorry for him, having not seen the bird and also he was not happy about the reported 300 yards walk, which of course it was much further than that! I put some seed down for the bank vole I saw earlier so at least I could photograph that amongst the crumpled leaves, but it had also disappeared for good! Fed-up and cold I left. Along the last section of the path back to car I had a pair of Stonechats and I suddenly realised I can't remember the last time I saw Stonechat anywhere! Tried to photograph them but they didn't play ball. Cruised round the corner to go and see the reported Pallas's Warbler at Shangri La Chalet. I searched EVERYWHERE for the Pallas's but to no avail. Heard someone reporting they had seen Little Auk's offshore. Nothing in the bushes apart from tit flocks, chiffchaffs, blackbirds and redwings. Went back to car and bumped into Tim Allwood again with his very, very cute little daughter Elenor who was splashing about in the puddles in her wellingtons. Found out later that Tim had refound the Pallas's after I left!!!

Shangri La Chalet, Waxham - migrant hotspot - Pallas's today!


Left Waxham and stopped at Walcott to photograph Turnstones on the seawall and took photos and a video of the Herring Gulls on the groynes with sea spray from the huge waves - really should have set the camera on the tripod rather than hand holding in wind which is why it won't win any prizes!

Turnstones along the seawall at Walcott.

Turnstone on the groynes at Walcott.

Herring Gulls - Walcott.

My video skills need refining I know!!!!
But it captures the spirit of the sea!


Now pouring with rain. I think I heard the reported Yellow-browed Warbler in the churchyard - what I did hear only called once and I certainly didn't see it! Crossed the main road opposite and went down a dead end road and followed a path through bushes to edge of cliffs - these bushes were full of male and female Blackcaps! along with a long tailed tit flock and a few robins.

Cliff top Wood - Walked across the ploughed field to the wood and only found a tit flock and a kestrel.


Diverted down to the "Leas" to have a quick scan with bins from the top road to see if there was any action on the sea. It was wickedly cold, strong winds and rain and I didn't stand here long, but couldn't see anything much happening.

Walsey Hills, Cley

By the time I got here it was 5.45pm so sensibly most birds - no in fact ALL birds had gone to bed! One robin was seen!

The House on the Hill, Blakeney

One more robin whilst I had a sandwich and remains of my tomato soup. Fell asleep for an hour in the car and got home at 8pm.

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