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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Spectacular, Lucky Morning!

Waxwings, just leaving, too quick for me to capture them on camera properly!

Well I achieved what I wanted this morning - I jammed in on 8 Waxwings at Holme and photographed them!

Arrived at Holme and parked by the toilet block opposite the village carpark at just before 9am and watched 8 Waxwings fly over our heads at 9.15am (Ray Roche and his wife and also HBO AW) and land in the tallest poplar tree behind the toilet block - they landed briefly and took off almost immediately giving me time to take a picture - BUT it was one of the most naff pictures I have ever taken!!! Basically I took rubbish shots as the last 3 waxwings were taking off! But I was so lucky to have seen them and so quickly. I only had a hour and a half before I had to leave! Beautiful sunny day today and I very much would have liked to carry on birding! Walked all round by the public footpath behind the caravan site, adjacent to the River Hun bridge to find more waxwings, but no luck. Good movement of birds noted this morning though including several large flocks of starlings going west. Walked across the village carpark and had spectacular views of 4 Bullfinches flying over my head in the sunshine. Also several greenfinches about and blackbirds.

Mistle Thrush in 'Beach House' Garden, Holme.

Goldfinch on wires, Holme.

Little Egret, Holme.

A Goosander was re-located on the pools on the Saltings over the ridge next to the 5-bar gate, half way down the Firs Road at 10.30am. A birder earlier on had told me he had seen a goosander here.

Goosander on the Saltings, Holme.

Walked around the NWT Forestry area but no sign of any more bluetails or anything else exciting!

Ended up leaving at 11am which was really pushing things as I had to be on the ward at 12pm. The traffic was diabolical going back to King's Lynn and temporary traffic lights near to my house didn't help either!

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