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Saturday, 24 December 2011

A very busy week and more mishaps!!!

The electrician came round Tuesday evening and told me my electricity WAS earthed and pointed out the cable to me!!!!!!! He installed the new oven and it looks so much better than my old one! Only annoying thing was, that when I was trying to adjust the cheap, plastic, screw-in feet underneath the bottom of the oven to raise it, I noticed that there was something hanging down - on closer inspection there was three strips of insulating stuff, covered in a type of silver foil and taped together - part of this was ragged and hanging to the floor - what's all that about!!!!???

Wednesday lunchtime I ripped into Curry's on the phone and pointed out that my electricity was earthed and demanded that they come out and collect my old oven (which they did the following day) and that my £55 installation fee was refunded - quote "you will have to go into the shop where you bought the oven to do this" - great, that's a bl**dy long way on a bike!!!!

Wednesday night I walked with a sack barrow to Tescos and bought a Microwave and some food shopping - got some funny looks walking home, but hey ho!!! Yeah I could have got a taxi - but it didn't kill me to walk! In fact I spent Thursday and Friday night, walking with that sack barrow getting in food shopping for the weekend. But Thursday didn't quite go to plan!!!

Thursday - I finished work and went to get my bike - had loads to do as it was late night shopping and needed to go into town and also to the supermarket. My bike is locked with two locks - one locks the removable seat to the back wheel and the other stronger, thick cabled lock goes round the frame, front wheel and to a set of external metal stairs in the grounds of the hospital. As I put the key into the front wheel lock, it broke clean off in the lock!!! The word 'bother' came to mind, well not quite that word - shorter word ending in 'k'!!! It was pouring with rain and proceeded to walk home which takes 35 minutes and dumped work rucksack. Walked into town with sack barrow, got shopping and bought a new cycle lock and walked home. Shattered when I got back and like a drowned rat. What has life come to - I am nearly 47 years old (god that sounds scary) and here I am walking with a bl**dy sack barrow to get food shopping!!!!! I thought life was supposed to easier when you got older!!!!!

Friday - phoned the estates dept. at the hospital as I walked into work and asked someone to cut through my cycle lock - which they kindly did. Tough last day at work and then flew into town on my bike to get essential christmas dinner ingredients for christmas dinner.

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