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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Low flying over Norfolk nature reserve 'was accident waiting to happen'

Note a Norfolk's birders remarks how the same (possibly) helicopter was flying very low over the reserve the day before the accident and was "scaring the crap out of all the wildfowl...."

There should be no planes, helicopters, handgliders etc flying so low over this world famous nature reserve at all!!! Creates a massive and unnecessary disturbance to wildlife, people and at huge risk of..... well it's happened now! It could have been soooo much worse though – could have been on a Saturday on a nice sunny day in Spring or Autumn Migration with hundreds of birders and walkers enjoying the beauty of this reserve or/and maybe masses of twitchers watching a mega – it doesn't bear thinking about!!! I read somewhere that they only fly these aircraft 'that low' at night, but I distinctly remember seeing a couple of fighter jets (that's what they looked like to me) flying scarily low over me at Salthouse once (last summer) and had to put my hands to my ears quickly because of the noise and pain experienced!

This tragic accident is a massive wake up call! Surely there are other far less sensitive sites to train over, other than the most famous nature reserve in the UK!!!

Also had information from a friend that "one of the Cley sluices (East Bank?) had been damaged, in the attempt to get heavy equipment out to the crash scene. "

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