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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Saturday Birding Down The Pan!

Technology has ruined my day. This will be a rambling, ranting, tired, muddled post with bad grammar....maybe, maybe not!

To add to my stressful, time wasting day, the internet decided to go down again this evening, fed up with TalkTalk. I never signed up to them in the first place. I was originally with Pipex who were taken over by them. Rubbish customer service, rubbish internet and speed. The internet has been down for nearly 2 hours, which mean't I only just posted the Norfolk Bird news on the correct date, but this post not, oh well.

How have I spent today? Well, its a long story, especially as it is now 12.40am. But it should have been an exciting day, upgrading to the lastest iphone 5s, but it hasn't turned out that way at all. One of the many reasons why I hung on to my old phone for so long, cheap at £18 a month contract, all set out how I liked it and change often brings problems, yep!

The good news is, I got an amazing deal as an NHS employee (20% off), and also by phoning vodafone direct, rather than going in store – also haggled for a 4G with 3GB of space rather than a 3G and 1GB of space and also got 100 picture messages (normally £2.50 a month) thrown in the price aswell – bargain! My new phone was to be delivered to my local vodafone store between 9am and 1pm on Saturday with a request from me to deliver at 9am. My store would then ring me to say when it arrived. Did they heck!!!! 10am, 11am, 12am....... gave up and went into town, found a free parking place. Massive queue in the Vodafone store, didn't bother. Went round phone shops to select and buy a case. Went back to the store, queue slightly less, waited and eventually saw someone. The phone had been delivered at 11am and I was told that all voicemails left on their phone were not dealt with until the end of the day!!! Oh well, at least I will have the afternoon...... or so I thought. I never did really understand about icloud – I knew it backed stuff up, but I had never actually used it. I do wish someone in the shop (when I went in last week) had explained how to and that I needed to back my phone up on icloud, in order for all my photos, phone numbers, notes, apps, layout etc etc to transfer exactly as is onto my new phone. So the man in the shop who was dealing with me proceeded to do this on my phone, so icloud was backing up everything on my old phone and this was going to take 3.5 hours, yep, you heard right 3.5 bl**dy hours!!! The reason it was going to take so long, is because my iphone 3G is just so slow. So off I went to have some lunch, sit about, buy chocolate, look at the mallards in the fisherfleet, come back, sit in shop, go out again, boring, boring, boring. Oh, I did bump into Sue B. – we laughed, it seemed so funny that for the first time we saw each in the town – we only ever see each other birding! The phone eventually finished backing up by 5.25pm! The new phone was registered and all sorted. I was told that when I got home I needed to go into settings, Wifi, choose network and password and then everything that icloud had backed up on my old phone would transfer to the new phone and take approximately 30 minutes. Hmmmmm......sounds so simple!

Got home, plugged phone in – started copying across at 7pm and its still going now at 1am – now maths is not my strongest point, but that's a hell of lot more than 30 minutes!!!!! If its not finished by the time I get up in the morning, that's tough, I am not spending my last day's holiday in this house. Will be popping into Cleyspy on Sunday to look into phonescoping with my snazzy new phone! I don't think phonescoping with my Nikon ED50 will be spectacular, but until I find a sugar daddy to buy me a swarovski scope, I will have to make do!!!

Alpine Swift over Gramborough Hill in the morning – that would be nice!


  1. Not guilty! I didn't go to town yesterday, only the visitor centre to have a gossip with 'the kids'. I think you're letting this technology get on top of you, it's getting you far too stressed out. Go and do some birding instead, after all, we all lived without telephones and stuff once (or maybe WE did as we are a bit older than you!) and life was a lot simpler and certainly less hassle. You'll wear yourself out if you carry on like this up till gone midnight stressing away. Put your wellies and mac on and go birding today in the rain....

  2. Sorry Sue! Amended 'Sue G.' to read 'Sue B.' - I mean't Sue Bryan!!!! Technology all sorted now! Went birding in the rain!
    Thanks Sue x