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Friday, 22 August 2014

Bank Holiday Weekend!

Reports of a Short-toed Eagle at Gibraltar Point sounds very exciting indeed – please drift south east! In my lunch today at work I had a lovely surprise of a party of around a dozen Long-tailed Tits, a Great Tit and a Blue Tit, all in a small oak tree, right next to my car. I mimicked them and they came really close to me – I love their cute, inquisitive little faces, but as soon as they cottoned to the fact, that the massive 'thing' in front of them was not a Long-tailed Tit, they dispersed and moved on. Also a couple of Robins around too 'ticking' away.

Very heavy rain this evening for several hours – stopped now though. I should be excited about the weekend, well I would be if I had three days off, but sadly I'm working for part of Sunday and all day on Bank Holiday Monday! So tomorrow is my only chance of a full day of birding. Lets hope some good birds turn up for us all soon!

Weather for the weekend:
Saturday starts off with west winds until 9am when it veers North West for most of the day and then turns North East (more like it!) for a couple of hours late in the day, changes again and then back to North West. "Starting dry with sunny spells, but cloudier in the afternoon with scattered showers later in the day, perhaps heavy and thundery in places. A very chilly night to follow."

Sunday starts off West North West for most of the day and then turns South East around 7pm. "Dry on Sunday with sunny spells."

Monday is South East for most of the day. "Turning cloudy with outbreaks of rain".

High Tides for King's Lynn Docks:
Saturday: 5.57am and 18.28
6.35am and 19.04
7.09am and 19.36

High Tides for Wells Bar:
Saturday: 5.37am and 18.15
6.19am and 18.53
6.56am and 19.27

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday Weekend!

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