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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Update!

Worked today and now completely shattered. No sign of the Franklin's Gull this evening at Cley NWT I see – mind you with its previous appearances, it could turn up again any time!

I feel quite sad now, that I didn't go to the Rutland Bird Fair... oh well. Missed seeing alot of people that I only see once a year – roll on August 2015! Actually I don't want next year to 'roll on' as I will be celebrating a horrible birthday in January...... no, re-word that, I won't be celebrating at all, I will probably hide away in a corner and hope the day passes very quickly and after that I have live with a new decade – a decade where I suppose I had better start growing up, act my age, drive more sensibly, eat more sensibly, slow down – hell no, I refuse to give in to old age!!!

Prediction text from a friend 'odds on Fea's Petrel by 9am tomorrow'. I hadn't even had a chance to look at the forecast for tomorrow, but looked after reading above. Ok, so North West winds at 22mph with showers!!! Get out sea-watching if you can! I'll look at the pager in my lunch break!

Interesting article here:

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