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Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday Update!

Busy week at work, busy week at home! Editing photos, shopping, ordering parent's shopping etc. My walk in rain to Blakeney Point on Sunday has cost me dearly – the pager has died, I tried everything to get it going again, drying next to radiator, on the radiator and immersing in rice. It did come on again, but just kept bleeping up with 'battery low', which wasn't the case, as I put a new one in. Posted off to RBA yesterday, arrived with them today and will have to wait in tomorrow for the postman to deliver my new pager, which is going to cost me time and money. The post doesn't often arrive until after lunch! The whole day is messed up, as after that I have to go to the vodafone shop.

I had a massive rant with vodafone this evening for around an hour about my crappy iphone 5s. My phone has being replaced three times and still isn't working properly. Vodafone will 'repair it', but didn't seem to understand that they won't be able to repair the phone with its known speaker problem that thousands upon thousands of people know about, but neither Apple or Vodafone will admit to this. I explained that I don't want this phone anymore, but they have me by the short and curlies.... my 2 year contract doesn't end until May 2016 and I would have to pay a massive fee of several hundred pounds if I cancel the contract. I was then told that I can upgrade my phone to the iphone 6 for £173.60 (with a 40% discount)....errhhh, no! I won't be paying that! Then I got told I could ring the Buy Back Service on 54321 to get a price for my current phone, which they ended up phoning for me and I was offered £170.00 which then gets added to my account towards cost (more or less the same) of the upgrade fee! What a palava!!! The monthly fee would then be £54.00 which is far more than I currently pay and ok I get that its a higher spec phone, but still! I had mentioned that I have currently have an NHS discount, but I was still told it would be £54.00. But, when I looked on the vodafone website, the cost is £54.00 without the NHS discount!

So I phoned again and spoke to a different person who said that I would get a 26% discount, making the monthly fee £31.50. Decisions, decisions!

The weather doesn't exactly look exciting for birds this weekend, but you never know, James McCallum might just dig out a Cretzschmar's Bunting on Blakeney Point! How cool would that be!

Weather for the Weekend

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