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Friday, 5 June 2015

Kelling Water Meadows & Gramborough Hill!

Holme Primary School
The last picture of this wonderful school before it closed
Head Master Mick Ramsey and 'Little Class' Teacher June Storey.
Back Row left to right:
Mark Richardson, Paul Rumbalow, Johnathan Potter, Penny Clarke,
Timothy Arnold, Karl Arnold, Steven Middleton.
Middle Row left to right:
Mandy Needham, Samantha Richardson, Vivien Clarke, Nicky Fuller,
Miranda Arnold Angela Raven, Stephanie Middleton, Lucy Clarke.
Front Row left to right:
Matthew Richardson (RIP), Sean Needham, Andrew Potter, Adrian Needham

A very busy day, plumber came to fit new shower, took Mother food shopping and to the bank to sort out the on-line food shopping situation, then to fish 'n' chip for parents. It was lovely to see Miranda who works in Barclays and who I used to go to school with at Holme CP School – she kindly told me that we (as in my sisters and I) were in the Lynn News today – a 'down memory lane' picture of Holme school – the last picture that was taken of the pupils, Headmaster Mick Ramsey and teacher June Story – wonderful memories. Mick Ramsey was a serious birder who lived in Hunstanton and has many years of records of his seawatches at the cliffs, recorded in the NOA reports etc, sadly he passed away in January 2011. Didn't get out birding until mid afternoon.

Kelling Water Meadows
I have never seen so many Painted Lady Butterflies as I walked along Meadow Lane, they seemed to be everywhere. A fabulous Spotted Flycatcher was in a sallow bush, along with a Chiffchaff. 2 Stonechats up near the pool and 2 Med Gulls flew over the shingle ridge and also a couple of Kestrels. It was a horrible sticky heat, not comfortable at all, but got some relief whilst sitting on the shingle for a while. Wish some of these Bee-eaters would fly over MY head!

Gramborough Hill, Salthouse
There was an Avocet feeding in the pool and Linnets and a Whitethroat were in the bushes, but nothing else of note. Several more Painted Ladies here also. I spent a long time watching and attempting to photograph the Sand Martins on the sandy cliff. They were magical to watch and I could have stayed until dark, but felt very tired, trudged back to my car as the sun was setting and drove home.


1 comment:

  1. Pauline saw/heard a Bee-eater fly over her...
    said it was travelling fast...
    flying North with a purpose...
    possibly heading your way??!
    I don't think I've ever seen so many Bee-eaters in Norfolk...
    but modern communications didn't exist while I was birdwatching in Norfolk...
    just a certain café on the corner in Cley with a very good line in hot chocolate and spotted-dick and custard.

    We've been excited by the presence of a pair of Black Woodpeckers using our old willows...
    don't know about nesting [some hope]... but most certainly attacking, with gusto, the old rotting core of the trees.