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Friday, 12 June 2015

Weekend Birding!

My goodness, what a list for today!!! I don't know which way to head first tomorrow! Very annoyingly I'm at work all day in Sunday, oh dear, that could be worrying!

Managed to get my battery for nurse's watch this evening and returned home in the usual, heaving Friday traffic. Immediately fell asleep on sofa! Walking Blakeney Point kills you the next day. I should get used to that walk by now, but its a killer of a walk. Right now, after being at work all day, I feel like I could sleep for a week.

Kevin Shepherd, who found yesterday's Paddyfield Warbler along with James MacCallum, very kindly emailed me today to say that he had searched 'how and low' for my 'black' bird I saw last night on Blakeney Point and sadly found nothing. It could still be there though I suppose, says I hoping, but if Kevin has looked, I doubt it somehow.

Being a female birder/twitcher/photographer and full time 'hot' blogger (smile) is not easy at all. I have no 'wife' to cook for me, wash-up etc etc. I am ashamed to say, I currently have a large amount of washing-up to do, so suppose I had better get on with it and I can't remember the last evening I cooked a proper meal. Think I need to get a house husband!!! After washing-up, I would summon 'him' to make sandwiches, cheese scones, coffee cake, iron, do house-work, wash my car (in a right old state at mo) etc etc!!! Oh and my garden is in the worst state ever, the hedge is going to get complaints from the neighbours soon and I can hardly get to my car without being stung by stinging nettles! Also have a massive list of jobs to do, no time, no time at all. The new 'house husband' would then drive me in a pink cadillac to all my 'hot birding' destinations! Dream on Lady P!

East winds and rain, what's going to turn up next!

Weather for the Weekend

High Tides - Wells Bar
Saturday: 4.17am and then 4.26pm. 
Sunday: 5.13am and then 5.24pm.

WEATHER UPDATE FOR SUNDAY (13th June at 23.17)

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