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Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday Update!

Huge thanks to Emily Mathers who kindly helped me out this morning and very sweetly bought me chocs (I did share them!) because of the utterly crap week I've had with Father having a stroke and being on my own ward. Very, very difficult situation indeed. Several tears shed and my apologies if this affected anyone else. Also thanks to colleagues in my rehab team who so kindly supported me and particular thanks on the ward to NA's Sheila, Lauren, Kim, Kerry, Staff Nurses Paulo and Joan and also to Sarah P., Debbie and Jane.

Father has picked up a bit today at home with Mother so she told me at lunchtime, which is good, but he is very tearful, confused and extremely tired. I don't think he's realises yet that he's home, poor man.

Took Lucy to her orchestra practice this evening and picked her up later and took her home. Can't wait to get into my bed. I'm completely and utterly exhausted.

Sunday looks the better day for weather this weekend:

South/South Westerly winds on Saturday. South West winds on Sunday. Swinging east again next week, will that mega arrive in Norfolk? Will keep my fingers crossed!

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