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Monday, 11 January 2016

David Bowie: Genius, Till Death Us Do Part – 1947-2016

I'm always in such a rush in the mornings, that I rarely hear the news until I get home from work. As I switched on the TV this evening, pictures of David Bowie filled the screen. The news reader was saying 'he was a genius.....' 'David Bowie was......' . 'Was' is past tense! What did they mean 'was?'. Then the realisation sunk in after being transfixed to the news, that David Bowie had died yesterday, 10th January after an 18 month battle with cancer. I couldn't believe it! I know we all have to depart this earth at some point, but it was unexpected, completely unexpected.

My mind then drifted to my teens and the David Bowie albums that I had, loved and still have. His crazy and unique fashion was definitely an influence on the whacky clothes I used to wear as an art student! David Bowie was a big part of my early years and growing up, as he would have been for so many millions of others around the world.

A genius to the end with his last album 'Black Star' – Dark. Deep. Emotional. A work of art. His way of saying goodbye, released on his birthday 8th January, three days ago.

R . I . P .

Where are we now? – 2013

 Blackstar – 2016

 Lazarus from 'Blackstar' – 2016


  1. What a fine tribute, Penny. Like you, I grew up listening to Bowie and shared your sense of shock and disbelief when I heard he had died. He was my first music hero. The work he produced throughout the seventies and early-80s was quite amazing. A unique talent gone.


  2. Yes, incredibly sad news, and those last videos are so poignant. Genius.