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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Prevent The Training of Eagles To Catch Drones!

I can't believe I am even reading this!!! Please sign this petition, thank you.

I am dead against these drones. What a waste of money and so dangerous in so many ways – what if one defaults and comes crashing down for a start. Before we know it,  terrorists will be attaching bombs to them – can you imagine the carnage!!! This world is out of control!!!

1 comment:

  1. The Met has picked the idea up from Denmark [I think]... it is a terrible idea, I agree.
    And, as for defaulting... they don't need to... last week someone crashed their drone whilst filming an advert... so a professional using one properly... Ha-sarcastic-Ha!!
    It crashed into the Empire State Building... forty floors up... it was only stopped from hitting the ground because it was stopped by a ledge five floors lower than the point of impact.
    They are dangerous... just imagine standing below a tourist site and being killed by a Canon camera attached to a large drone... and you would have been killed... a half-inch ball bearing dropped deliberately from a skyscraper... in the fifties... smashed through a paving slab and went one foot into the soil beneath.
    Drones have their uses... professional ones... they ain't toys