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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Siberia's Sprite: A History Of Fascination And Desire By Andy Stoddart!

New Publication by Andy Stoddart

Softback with 177 pages and 13 black-and-white illustrations

"Through a unique combination of rarity value, great aesthetic appeal and enduring scientific interest, the Pallas's Warbler has for more than two centuries exercised the most remarkable hold on our collective imagination.

Wherever our investigations or recreations have taken us, the Pallas’s Warbler has remained a constant presence and preoccupation. Featuring prominently in the Imperial pursuits of explorer naturalists, the exploits of collectors in Victorian Britain, the development of zoological nomenclature, the heyday of migration studies, the rise of recreational birdwatching, the development of bird illustration, the study of avian vagrancy and, now, today’s taxonomic upheavals, its story is central to, perhaps even synonymous with, much of our ornithological history.

This book sets out to explore this history, to understand our lasting relationship with this tiny bird and its place in our fascinations and desires."

To order a copy of this fabulous book, please email Andy on his website:

My Pallas's Warbler photograph used in Andy's new book, taken on 12th October 2010
by the apple tree at the end of the boardwalk,
Burnham Overy Dunes, Norfolk.
Published in black and white in the book.

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