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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Late Weekend Update – Trials & Tribulations!

I'm sure some of you had wondered why I didn't post anything other than the Norfolk Bird News at the weekend! Well, there are several reasons why I didn't – partly because there wasn't much to tell and partly because of it being a very bad weekend. Saturday was spent recovering from an unprecedented week at work after our ward move and sadly didn't get any birding or anything else done that day.

Sunday morning? I can't really remember too much about that now, but after lunch I went to visit Father who seemed and looked okish, but seemed more muddled than usual with his speech – it was tea time by the time I arrived. I was told that father had declined the egg sandwich which was sitting untouched on his plate. I noticed there was pork pie pieces on the tea trolley, so asked for one from staff and assisted father to eat this, broken into tiny pieces, he ate it all. I then managed to get him to eat one bite of the egg sandwich and three tiny pieces of their cake on offer. Then I helped him to eat a passion fruit tart that I had purchased on offer that day, which he ate most of. Just goes to show that people who are near enough blind, with stroke symptoms and dementia, need not only maximum encouragement, but patience and choice of food offered, plus a little bossiness from a devoted daughter! When a stroke patient says 'no', it doesn't necessarily mean 'no' – throw in dementia symptoms too and their answers and replies can not always be relied upon. I wonder how much food he would have had for his tea if I had not have been there on that day? Who knows. Left father peacefully and joined my youngest sister Vivien at Mother's house.

The end of the day turned out rotten and that's a massive understatement. My world has been rocked to the core, so much so, that over the last few days my dear father has gone to the very back of my mind. I can't talk about it publicly and it wouldn't be correct to. Life is so desperately unfair to the angels in this world.

Then I had more bad news later about a friend – what the hell is going on?!!! My thoughts are with her and her family x.

This week is difficult enough, but the 'system' is adding to everything else going on. 'System' as in the all the crap that goes on when you father goes into a care home. The financial side of my parent's 'separating' is not only dire, but its made as difficult as it possibly can be by social services, works and pensions, the council and the list goes on. Surely when you go through the hell of putting your loved one into a residential home, life should get easier after that, oh no..... not at all, if anything its made more difficult! I had to make more phone calls at lunchtime today and this evening, to try and help my mother with financial crap. Not only do social services want all details of every last penny you have (ok, you expect that) – been there done that already, but now the borough council also want the same re the council tax! Its all completely and utterly exhausting beyond belief. Mother and I both said this evening, that it wasn't worth putting father into a home with all the crap you have to go through afterwards!

With all this big stuff going on I have a minor issue going on with my blog posts. I set up (years ago) my blog so that each of my posts automatically gets posted to Twitter – the url then gets shortened, but anyone opening it, then links straight to my blog post. To my annoyance, I found out via a very kind twitter follower, that the short url link is not working at all – when someone clicks on my link it doesn't take you to my blog at all and instead comes up with the following:
I have tried contacting blogger, google and twitter, but no one seems to be interested in assisting me. I can't even remember how I set this up in the first place now and have tried to find it in my blogger settings. I'm quite happy to cancel the automatic linking to Twitter and send it manually to Twitter, as it only takes a second to do this by clicking the tweet button link, which appears underneath every post, but I don't know how to cancel the bl**dy automatic link to Twitter!!!!! SCREAM!!!

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