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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Birding With My Father!

Saturday 24th September
Visited my father today and decided it was high time we went birding together! Dressed father up in woolly hat, coat, gloves and a second thick pair of socks and tucked him up with his tartan rug in his wheelchair and off we went! Picked up my camera and binoculars from my car in the car park and we then headed along Fenway, which is a narrow tarmac road and leads to Heacham Sewage Works. Where the tarmac road ends, a public footpath then carries on with oaks, sycamores, high hedges and a water filled ditch.

On route to the sewage works, there are horse meadows either side, all the way along. My father can't see, but I gave him a running commentary about what I could see along the way, which wasn't alot to be honest! I described the horses and the people riding them, the oak trees and picked a leaf and an acorn so he could feel them. The only birds on route were Jackdaws, Woodpigeons, Black-headed Gulls, a Blackbird, Great Tit and a Robin.

At the sewage works, I preceded carefully along the public footpath, but didn't get more than a few yards when father shouted 'oh god!!!' 'Shall I continue on?' I asked 'or go back along the smooth road?' Father's reply was 'smooth road' – so we turned around and headed back to the care home. We would more than probably have seen more birds along the footpath, but understandably the wheelchair ride was pretty rocky along this path!

Back in the car park, I got my deckchair out and we sat outside for a while longer in front of the paddock, where two ponies and a donkey were grazing. Father then said he was 'cold' so we went indoors where I helped him to eat his tea.

Went to visit mother for the rest of the evening and then returned home to King's Lynn.

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