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Sunday 17 January 2010

Disastrous Week

Just managed to access my blog at work!!!

Still no computer at home - typing this in my break at the hospital. My Applemac G4 has been taken away to have everything (hoping and praying here!) copied onto another hard drive and whole system completely reinstalled and then everything copied back onto computer again. If for any reason my hard drive can't be accessed I will loose EVERY digital picture I have ever taken - don't even want to think about that!!! I had all my pictures copied onto an external hard drive but thats not working either - not lucky! ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SAVED THEIR PICTURES SAFELY - DO IT NOW!

Did not go birding on Saturday - teeming with rain all day and grey skies.

I did something really, really, really blonde and stupid on Saturday - I drove to Norwich to go to the amazing new Apple Store in Chapelfield, mid afternoon to buy a particular item. I have not been into Norwich city centre for many years and for some reason I could find the Chapelfield carpark so parked in John Lewis's carpark and walked (seperate from the store). The Apple store closes at 7pm and I left when it closed and returned to John Lewis's carpark and to my HORROR was confronted by massive locked gates - I stood in disbelief!!!!! I was able to walk around to my car via pavement but could not get it out!!! I then saw a notice which read closed at 6.45pm and NO PARKING OVERNIGHT and a charge of £24 if over 8 hours!!! I became pretty stressed, frantic, angry, upset etc etc - no emergency number to ring - phoned police and they said people regularly got caught out and sorry they couldn't help me. I had no choice but to ring the only person I knew in the area who very kindly came and picked me, crashed at theirs for the night (didn't sleep) and returned this morning when it opened at 9am - also mean't I lost a shift at the hospital this morning - was supposed to be on the ward at 8am!!! The carparking attendant was VERY kind though and only charged me £2 A mistake I will NEVER be making again! So all in all an absolutely CR*P weekend!

My mobile has also gone wrong BUT I will be buying the new Apple iphone on vodaphone this week so at least I will be able to access the net and my blog etc etc.

1 comment:

  1. Gee whizz Penny, not having a lot of luck lately! I think I'd have died had I got stuck in JL carpark overnight. Facinating blog and hope you get all the pics back. good luck! Sue G.