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Thursday 4 February 2010

Back on line again!!!!!!

After hours of hard work Kris has got my computer back to me and fully working again (hurrahhhh!!!!!) apart from still trying to solve my wireless connection (still currently hardwired into mac with wires running across living room and hallway) - but who cares about a few wires temporarily when you have you computer back! Even though I LOVE my new Apple iphone passionality its fabulous to be back typing on a normal full size keyboard! - now I can fly away at the keys at my normal lightning speed! I still have lots of things to sort though - have to copy all my files/photos from a massive folder on my desktop back onto hard drive and now NEED to copy all my photographs onto DVD's so I don't have a major heart attack should this mac go down again! Also can now learn how to use the ipod on phone for the first time and copy some CD's onto it - so exciting, can't wait - yes I know pretty sad but I am a gadget queen - I LOVE it. Apart from an extremely aggravating, hacky, tickly cough I am feeling loads better after my recent illness so everything looking rosie at the moment. Oh and also need to add my snow bunting pictures to my my blog etc.


  1. Whey Hey! back to ten fingers! Steve manages to do a whole magazine each month on just two, it's painful to watch....

  2. Hi Penny, I enjoy your blog. Have you thought of an external hard drive to back things up rather than DVD's? It will be a lot faster and more flexible and a lot easier to transfer stuff to another computer should you need to do so. Just a thought.