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Friday 28 May 2010

On arrival at Aberdeen I decided I could not stand the weight of my camera gear, laptop, optics etc in rucksack anymore, so locked other bag up at station (involved them going through entire contents of bag for security reasons. I luckily got the last wheeled trolley for my rucksack from Argos.... The relief of not carrying it was fabulous, so much so that I walked to ferry terminal fairly easily!

Now waiting to be checked in. Looking forward to some proper fish n chips when I get on the ferry! And a long sleep (roughing it in sleeping bag on floor!

I love this ferry, everything about it....... Had my fish n chips, scrumptious and was very good and didn't have dessert. Sat in the bar with a J2O and people watched for a while. Sat chatting with a Lerwick lad for a while and then went up to the outer deck - dull rain filled skies did not inspire me to dig slr out of rucksack. Could not see any birds of note either.

Bought a silver colured, junk jewellery bracelet (could not afford to buy the designer silver jewellery glittering in the glass cabinets! Most disappointing was the fact they had no Chanel No 5 in duty free!

Earliest I have been to bed for ages - after strip wash in the loo! Got into my sleeping bag by 9ish and I was soooo tired I got quilots a lot of sleep!

1 comment:

  1. Hope your washing's dried by the time you get there! think I should have told you to take a large bin liner as well....what bad luck that was. Never mind, hope you got a good sleep on the ferry and the adventure starts now. Just hope you're not too tired to enjoy it the first day. Have a good time,
    best wishes