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Saturday 29 January 2011

Cley, Walsey Hills and Thornham

The Northern Harrier again at dusk, Thornham.

For someone reason, I just don't want to get out of bed at the moment. I am in a can't be bothered with anything mood. I feel like hibernating until spring.

Arrived at Cley Visitor Centre for my lunch! Jacket Potato with Cheese and a salad and a cup of tea, whilst dreamily gazing out of the windows over to Pats Pool. Had a look round Walsey Hills and saw nothing apart from a few long tailed tits. Parked the car at East Bank carpark and was about to set off to see the American Wigeon when I realised my ED50 Scope had broken - the footplate bit had somehow lost the inside thread section and I could not fix it on to the plate which attaches it to the tripod! So off I go to Cley Spy who are kindly sending it off to Nikon for a quote to replace the footplate - more expense!! Hopefully though it will be done under warranty as its still under 10 years old and apparently a known fault with some of the earlier ED50s. I also enquired about any new light weight scopes that would be suitable for me - I fell in love - with a Swarovski 65 HD with 25-50 zoom £1775.00!!!! It was amazingly light and felt like it should be mine!..... dreaming again.

Getting late in the day now - left here and cruised along the coast road. Thousands of pinkfeet flew over the A149 at Holkham as I drove along. Several grey partridges in the field by the track down to Gun Hill.

Arrived at Thornham Coal Barn and at last had some more, fairly good but distant views of the Northern Harrier. I watched the harrier until 4.30pm when it disappeared from view. Got some more naff shots. A barn owl also over the reed bed and redshanks were feeding in the creek.

Moody Skies.


  1. Go on, Penny, treat yourself to the Swaro scope. You must be saving money with your diet, and you've just had a birthday. Think of it as a present to yourself. And that scope will probably last you for the rest of your life, so if you look at it like that, it's pretty good value for money.

    Go on ... you know it makes sense.


  2. The thread problem is one known to the makers. I had mine replaced for no charge through In Focus (LOndon Wetland Centre). The new thread was a far more durable one. Don't pay!! It's Nikon's problem and they know it is.


  3. Malcolm - I wish I could afford it!!!!!!

  4. Rosie - yes I was aware of that from a friend. Thank you very much for highlighting this, will post outcome on blog!!

  5. Hey Penny. Enjoying the blog! Looking forward to spring? Not long now, and im sure the blog will be full of more of your great pics of norfolk birds (and hopefully lots of rarities)!

    Re you scope, this happened to my dads on the day he bought it, and I know of others who have had the same issue. They will hopefully replace it free of charge.