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Friday 28 January 2011

Mick Ramsay - R.I.P.

Mick Ramsay has sadly passed away on 24th January aged 89.

Mick was my school teacher at Holme-next-Sea Primary School. So many fond memories of my primary school. Mrs June Storey was the 'Little teacher' and Mr Ramsay was the 'Big teacher' as they were known by us little children! I could write a book on my primary school alone! Part of the school curriculum was "Nature Walks" which Mick would take us children on. I can remember like it was yesterday, walking along in single file beside the stone wall, past the church adjacent to the school to 'Marsh Lane' (where Holme Marsh Reserve is) and learning about nature with Mick. I also remember a boy (can't rember his name now) who didn't listen to Mick's warnings about not walking ahead because of Mr Sheldrake's donkeys who were not always the friendliest of animals!

I fondly remember Mick saying to me re: me and maths..... 'Penny there's no such word as can't'.

Mick was also chairman of the Norfolk Ornithologists' Association (N.O.A) for many years and also contributed regularly to the sea-watching counts at Hunstanton Cliffs.

See Mr Ramsay, Head Teacher at Holme Primary School (far left in picture) with me standing on the back row, centre - wearing a green poncho! and hair in bunches! Mrs Storey, far right.!/photo.php?fbid=1072371686355&set=t.1382479134


  1. Very sad to read that Mick Ramsey has passed away. I only mentioned his name on Thursday to a Birder from Hunstanton who I think was called Mick White. He drives a white van and at one time was a warden at Scolt Head. Back in the 1970s I always used to see Mick Ramsey most years in February when I visited Norfolk and he would point out the flock of Long-tailed Ducks off Hunstanton. He also told me about the Ross's Gull at Cley in the 1980s, a superb pink bird.
    Nice to finally meet you at Sculthorpe.

  2. Ahhhhhh.... Devonshire Birder from BF! Nice to meet you too. Yes Mick regularly seawatched off Hunstanton Cliffs and contributed to tons of records for the NOA.