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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Visit To Father!

After work this evening I went to visit my Father. I picked up fish-'n'-chips on route and ate these in my car along the end of Fenway Road, Heacham by the Sewage Treatment Works – I dine in such exquisite locations!!! I was hoping to see some migrants whilst here, but nothing of note seen. I was going to get out of the car and walk along the track, but was glad I didn't when a family walked past with a muzzled Doberman!!!

Father didn't look too bad at all this evening when I arrived at 7pm. He was going to bed just before I got there, but stayed up when he realised I was going to entertain him. He was talking about all kinds of odd things to begin with – something about electricians and other stuff, none of it made any sense. However his conversation was mostly appropriate and relevant as time went on. Told him all about the bird news and how the Western Purple Swamphen had turned up again in Lincolnshire and let him know about Mother's eye situation. I also had a lovely chat with a Ophthalmologist at the QEH today, who informed me that my Mother may have 'Third Nerve Palsy', as did my very knowledgeable colleague Cilla yesterday - thanks! I told Father all about this too.

Father asked me 'Are you coming tomorrow too?' in such a sweet voice that makes you feel so bad when you reply that you 'can't come here every day' – so difficult. Whilst Father was whisked off to the bathroom, I got chatting to another gentleman here, who told me he was having a 'holiday' – I presume respite. I had a wonderful conversation with him and tried to get Father involved too. For confidentiality reasons I can't say all I want to say, but he is a local man. He went to the same high school as me in Hunstanton and he remembered some of the same teachers that were there when I was, including Ken Bolton the Headmaster, known as batman by the pupils, because of the long black cloak he used to wear and he also remembered Eddie Pendal, english teacher. We reminisced about shops that were once in a small local village, that are no more and I also felt chuffed when he remembered Father writing 'Nature Notes' for the Lynn News, but he hadn't realised that's who Peter was! This conversation seemed to interest my Father alot.

Father also decided that he wanted to try and stand, so with my Therapy Assistant experience, I decided to give it a go. I really should have done this with two people, but knew I would be ok just to attempt a stand – I certainly wasn't going to be walking with him on my own. He did pretty well and attempted three stands, but was not able to stand tall enough (maintain linear extension) – he lost energy after the third attempt! He seemed pleased that he had managed this, which was nice. I might bring the Rollator Frame out on my next visit.

It was an unexpected fun evening and there was lots of amusing moments. Nicola (staff) was in top form, she's such a sweet lady. I decided to see if Father could finish the sentences I started eg 'Time for bed said...'? Then I gave him a clue, 'The Magic Roundabout' and he replied 'Fred', which for some reason had us all in stitches! For you youngsters the answer is 'Zebedee' (google to understand fully!). Another....... 'It's Friday, it's five o'clock and it's.....' ? He didn't reply to that one, but the man I had been talking to did.... 'Crackerjack'. I then showed the man I had been talking to a picture of my parents on their wedding day and also to Nicola – she said to my father what a handsome man he was and father replied 'how much money do you want'!!! More laughter all round. I told Father that it was much more fun here than in my house and he said 'you welcome here anytime' – bless him!

I stayed with father until the night staff took him up to bed at 9.30pm and then cruised back to King's Lynn. I was very tired, but it had been worth it. Can't believe its the 1st September tomorrow!

Also, are there any knitters out there that could make something like this for me, but with birds on? My father's hands get really cold and when I google old fashion 'muffs' I found lots of 'Twiddle Muffs' as they are called for dementia patients, here is picture of a rather nice one I found, but I couldn't find a bird one, not that father can see anyway, but it would be great to have one with a bird or two, moth, caterpillar, flower etc!

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