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Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Update!

I had a wonderful surprise this week – an unexpected phone call on Tuesday evening from Julian Bhalerao. For those of you that don't know, Julian is a well known birder and photographer in Norfolk and loved by all. Julian suffered a large stroke in May of this year, whilst photographing a Bee-eater at Winterton – this shocking news, shook everyone to the core. With the support of Julian's loving and amazing family, he is recovering well and still rehabilitating in hospital. I wasn't even sure if Julian was able to speak, so it was so fabulous to hear his voice again and his amusing wit is still the same I noted! So nice to hear from him and I felt chuffed that he had taken the time to ring me. He complimented me on my Great Knot pictures and said they were the best he had ever seen of this bird – thanks! He described what had happened to him in May and also spoke so beautifully about how much his wife Sarah had cared for him and been there every step of the way – it brought tears to my eyes. He said when he gets home, I'm invited for coffee and cake!!! Looking forward to it, thank you so much! I don't turn down a cake offer!!!

It has been a very, very difficult few weeks and will become increasingly more difficult over the next few months. I like to write fairly openly on my blog, but there are some things you just can't write about publicly, certainly not yet anyway. There are traumatic things going on right now, which have left me on the 'edge' and feeling so frightened, I felt physically sick today. On a separate issue, I feel pretty ill this evening – I have had an achy left jaw for weeks and now have an ulcer and croaky voice! Quite simply, I'm run down.

I haven't visited my father all week, so will go and see him tomorrow. Hopefully there were will be some good birds for us all to see this weekend.

Weekend Weather
Saturday – Dry with variable cloud and sunny periods. A brisk southerly breeze developing, becoming gusty at times later, but feeling warm.

Sunday – Rain gradually clearing Sunday morning, then bright and breezy with a few showers with south west winds. 

Tides for Wells Bar
Saturday – Low Tide: 8.32. High Tide: 13.39.
Sunday – Low Tide: 9.50. High Tide: 15.10.

Happy Birding!

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