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Sunday 4 December 2016

Busy Weekend!

I think it must be the longest I haven't been birding properly over the last few weeks – very poor show! Saturday was spent doing jobs and buying a few extra bits for my Work's Christmas Party attire this coming Friday. Delivered some extra shopping to Mother in the evening – she was hugging a hot water bottle when I arrived and felt shivery. Today I was at work all day, then whizzed home, changed and went straight out again to visit Father – he had almost run out of chocolate, until I topped up his supplies this evening! He does love his chocolate and ate five mini 'twirl bites' one after the other! Vivien was also visiting him, so we had a good catch up. Summerville Care Home have got a massive lit up (looks 9ft tall), blow up snowman to greet you at the front entrance and the most brilliant Christmas tree in the lounge – all looking very festive.

Father was quite confused this evening and although he seemed to know that we were there, he was going on about nine people and policemen and would they be able to get into his room, was his door locked and various other odd things – none of which made any sense at all. I could see that he was hallucinating, as he was looking up towards the ceiling intently and could see all kinds of things. I tried to reassure him and to bring him back to time and place and remind him where he was, what the date was etc, but it only helped for a few moments. So very sad to lose your mind, I really hope I take after Mother when I get older, she still has her marbles – well to a degree anyway!

The novelty of scraping ice off the car every morning is getting tedious, roll on Spring! I must check the Pied Wagtail roost at the QEH in the week – there could be a 'Masked' amongst them! So many jobs and errands to do at the moment, its a job to keep up with everything. Looking forward to the Christmas break: Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th, Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th off! I even might get a chance to do some 'hot' birding!!!

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