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Thursday 22 December 2016

Pre Christmas Update!

Its been a crazy week!

I spent several hours one evening this week, compiling the annual Christmas work quiz and typing it all up – my colleague Sara wrote 20 questions, as did I. Shortly after the quiz the following day, we celebrated Hilary's 60th birthday with lunch, which doesn't seem to be right at all, as she doesn't look more than 45! We presented her with flowers and gifts and a surprise invite to Congham Hall Hotel for Cream Tea with all of us, in early January after work one evening.

As expected, I gained 1.5 lbs at SW over the last two weeks, which considering the parties etc, it could have been far worse! Not too worried, will start again in earnest in the new year.

My Mother had another hospital this afternoon and I picked her up after work and we had a cup of tea at my house on route back to Holme. I have spent a good number of hours over the last couple of weeks, looking for the perfect outfit for my Mother to wear on Christmas day and I took my chosen outfit over to Holme this evening, for her to try on – I was over the moon, as she looked fabulous and I had chosen correctly. She never buys anything nice and I have never seen her look so lovely. I did make a mistake with the necklace though, which I need to return and exchange when I finish work tomorrow. My Mother has been worried about her light bulb on the landing, which has been dimming and flickering and decided that the electric must be dodgy and was going to call an electrician out tomorrow. But, being the stubborn person that I am, I decided it would be fine to simply put in a new long-life bulb, which I did and it was all fine – so that saved some serious dosh!!! I collected three lines of washing in, hung them up on airers and then left to return home.

I was extremely mortified and upset yesterday, when I discovered the gardening team, who are contracted to maintain the hospital grounds have cut down a huge shrub/bush, which has been in one of the courtyard gardens at least since 2001 when I started working as a Bank Nursing Auxilliary. The bush was getting on for 15ft high at least and was very much used by House Sparrows to congregate in and also roost in there nightly. I found out officially today, that the team were asked to trim it, but it has in fact been butchered to about a foot off the ground – totally heartbreaking, so that's the House Sparrows home gone. Just as frustrating last night, was watching all the hundreds of Pied Wagtails flitting around and looking distressed on top of their scalped bushes, in which they have been roosting!!! The bushes were a good height, possibly 10ft and now are about 3ft high! I had had a really good day at work until I discovered all this, late yesterday afternoon. Even my non-birding colleagues said it was unnecessary – I just don't understand why this has happened, as none of the bushes affected patients or visitors. I think I might put myself forward as 'Wildlife Consultant for the QEH'!!!

Today is my eighth year to the day exactly, that I have been working with the Stroke Team at the QEH, which I am very proud of and happy to be working with so many lovely people.

Its going to be a very busy Christmas Weekend, which kicks off with Vivien, Ray and Lucy coming over on Christmas Eve for the day at Mother's. Christmas Day will be very different this year – update on the day! Boxing Day means birding! Tuesday – not too sure yet and then back to work on Wednesday.


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