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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Another Miracle!

I was so exhausted, I slept until 11.30am! Went to the hospital to help Father with his lunch. My colleagues had hoisted him out into a recliner chair and he looked really well. The Resperidone had obviously kicked in from yesterday and the response I got was fabulous! A big smile and 'I feel alot better today' when I asked how he was. Shortly after arriving, Father had to be moved out of his cosy side room into a main bay as he is not 'poorly' anymore and his room was needed for someone else now – this was a pity as it was a lovely room to be in.

I went up to the canteen for lunch and then later on went to the care home in Heacham to pick up a bag of clothes and slippers etc. I then did a mini shop for Mother in Sainsbury's and went to see how she was. I feel like I havn't seen Mother for ages, but it was only Saturday when I saw her last – she looked ill, but not as bad as I thought she would. Her voice is still very croaky and full of cold, but she has got through the worst of it I think. She is taking the prescribed antibiotics and this is the first time she has ever had antibiotics!!!

No snow here in North West Norfolk yet, but plenty of rain this evening. I returned to the hospital and dropped in a set of clothes for Father to wear tomorrow. He looked so cosy and relaxed in bed and I got another lovely smile. The nursing staff can't believe how much he has improved and neither can I – another miracle!


  1. Hi I Penny I am glad your dad is getting better,I remember on my first visit to Holme and meeting your dad back in the early eighties he was very friendly and talked to us about the reserve with so much enthusiasm a great gentleman.

  2. Hi Penny... a little grey 2CV says thank you for the Birthday wishes!!
    So glad to read the above about your Father... I pray that he stays steady on that said that your Dad had a stubborn streak... I think you've just witnessed it... glad for you... now, get to bed EARLY... and have some rest!!
    Love, Tim

  3. Great news Penny. It is amazing how many people are following your Fathers progress. I was in a little village called Wolston, near Coventry watching a couple of Waxwings on Friday and what was being discussed by a couple of elderly lady birdwatchers, your blog about your Father. I hope the improvement keeps going for both your parents, especially your Father. Here's hoping that stubborn streak wins through. John