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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Cley NWT!

Sunset from the East Bank, Cley NWT

Bad day, dipped the Long-billed Dowitcher by minutes! Didn't arrive at Cley until late for various reasons. As I pulled in the East Bank car park I saw Eddie and Pete S. arrive back from seeing the Long-billed Dowitcher. I chatted with Pete for no more than a couple of minutes and then started to walk along the East Bank – bumped into Dave Appleton. who had just seen the bird flew west towards the NWT hides! I couldn't believe it!!! Phoned Eddie and whilst on the phone, he watched the Long-billed Dowitcher fly briefly over Pat's Pool and then head towards North Scrape!

I retraced my steps and flew round to Coastguards. Dave Appleton and Jake Gearty joined me and we walked across the shingle to North Scrape. Med Gull flying along the shore and a massive flock of Starlings were along the fence line. No sign of the LBD on North Scrape. Walked back to the car park and I returned alone to the East Bank car park. Spent the rest of the evening here with no sign of the Long-billed Dowitcher. I felt very very fed-up – only myself to blame though. Watched a Stoat running along the path. Congratulations to Jake Gearty who found this bird on The Serpentine off the East Bank this morning! The last one in Norfolk was at Titchwell RSPB on 21st September 2007, which luckily I saw! It stayed until 2nd October. Here is the link to my sighting on Birdforum and read Post 2001 – Birdforum was where I posted all my bird sightings, until I started my blog in 2010.

I had to drive via Holme along the coast road to deliver something. Saw a Barn Owl at Stiffkey and a Little Owl fly over my car at Knight's Hill Hotel, by the farm shop.

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