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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Hot Evening and Hot News!

Mother had gone on the bus to the hairdressers in Old Hunstanton late this afternoon. Lucy and I went to pick her up after I finished work and then went to Eric's Fish n Chips for a take-away. I could not believe it – they recently put the prices up and now they have been hiked up again!!! At the beginning of the year, medium sized fish 'n' chips was £5.50 and large was £6.00, then went up to £6.00 and £7.00 not long ago and NOW its £7.00 for a medium portion and £8.50 for a large portion! Its a bit like the house prices along the coast – none of the locals with average wages will be able to afford these prices! I begrudgingly paid for them!

We sat in the garden after our POSH fish 'n' chips and had a lemon tart for dessert. It was a beautiful evening and a lovely temperature in the garden – not too hot and certainly not cold!

Did a few jobs for mother: de-flead the cat, which was not an easy job! Cleaned and re-filled all mother's many bird ponds. Soaked, creamed and massaged mother's poorly looking legs, that needed some TLC! Watched some of Wimbledon. Drove home and hoped to spot the Little Owls on the fence by the Knight's Hill roundabout, but sadly no dumpy birds on posts at all!

News of an AMUR FALCON at dusk in Cornwall this evening! Why do the very best birds have to be at the extreme end of the country – 2nd for Britain too! Don't really fancy doing Cornwall in a day when I'm at work on Sunday! Although I did do this once for an American Bittern and Green Heron with Andy Andrew Wilkinson, Justin Lansdell and Chris Baker in October 2010!

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