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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Operation Today & Crisis Point!

With a 'Major Incident' going on of 'no beds' in the QEH (I was told yesterday) I needed to pray all night, that my mother's potentially life saving operation did not get cancelled this morning. She is so weak, so ill and has waited far too long for this 'urgent' op requested two weeks ago. She had a pre-assessment yesterday, which resulted in her requiring a blood transfusion today.

I took my mother to the QEH this morning at 7.30am for a blood transfusion and then potentially life saving operation, which she had at 2.20pm and returned to the ward at 4.20pm – Vivien and I have been there all day between us until 8.30pm. She is in a lot of pain, even with maximum pain relief and is staying in overnight. I hated leaving her this evening, just wanted to stay holding her hand all night. Vivien is on cat/house sitting duties at Holme!

A very difficult, sad, exhausting and stressful time for my sisters and I – the Clarke family are having a utterly crap time over the last couple of years. Vivien and I need to have a 'crisis' meeting this weekend, as our Mother can not be left at all now. We are struggling ourselves, trying to come to terms with her failing illness and rapid deterioration.

Dentist for me tomorrow morning – great! Then back to the hospital to see if my mother is being discharged home or not and how we are going to cope over the next few days.


  1. You don't know me and I don't know you. But my thoughts are with you. Good luck. Gareth