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Saturday 31 October 2020


My recent back pain is not just a typical back pain I have discovered. On Thursday night the pain was so bad I could hardly turn in bed. I went to work on Friday which was a particularly crazy day, as is usual at the end of the week. My pain increased throughout the day, even with my prescribed pain relief. Not long after I went home, I discovered something quite scary was happening to me (not going into details) and was enough for me to call 111. A doctor called back and sent me to collect some antibiotics, then a doctor from the out of hours service rang me and requested I come into hospital – he assessed me and was worried about my kidneys and that I may have a kidney stone and he wanted me to have a CT scan. He sent me to A&E for tests etc where I was told that I had a ‘very bad’ and ‘severe’ urine infection which can occur when there is a kidney stone. Bloods were taken and I was taken to SAU (surgical assessment unit) where I sat in a lot of pain on an awful chair and then transferred to a trolley until 4.30am.

Later I was taken to Denver Ward and sunk into a more comfortable bed (where I still am now). I was in severe pain all morning as had to wait for the doctors to prescribe pain relief. After being given Oramorph and paracetamol I became spaced out and sleepy and the pain improved a lot. At 11.35am the doctors saw me and long story short...... said I would have a CT scan later. Slept most of afternoon. Had CT scan at 6pm. Went home with permission (only 5 mins away) to pick up a bag of clothes etc as I had nothing with me at all. Apparently I will have the scan results in the morning! Sleepy now after having another dose of Oramorph – good night! Thank you all very much for your kind messages on social media.


  1. I hope things soon improve for you, you deserve it. John in leicester

  2. Hi Penny, sorry to read that you are having such a terrible time. Hope they find out soon what the cause of the problem is. Get well soon. Take care. God bless you