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Friday 27 January 2023


I was up early, as had to run an errand for Lucy, which I can't go in to – medical stuff. Then returned home and made a salad and grated cheese for lunch later on. Lots of birds in the garden today and a huge flock of House Sparrows, maybe 30+ – they particularly love my finch seed, which I buy from Moulham & Horn at Heacham. Plenty of 'starving' Starlings ransacking the bird table, Robins x 2, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Collared Doves, Magpie and 2 Muntjac Deer! There seemed to be a real hive of activity in the garden this morning.

My sister Vivien came over and spent the day with me and we had a lovely catch up. We very rarely get to spend time together on our own. Sadly, poor Lucy is really going through the mill right now – she had Covid for the first time over the Christmas period, then more or less straight afterwards, suffered with a gastric type virus, which she has continued to be ill with, so she couldn't join us today. Its more than slightly worrying, that she is still feeling so rough, I hope she gets better soon!

We were originally all going out for birthday lunch, but being as Lucy wasn't with us, we kept things simple, but naughty! I cooked Vivien and I cheesy baked potatoes in the Ninja Air Fryer, along with a healthy salad and also coleslaw Vivien had bought over. We had a bottle of "Nosecco" which I already had in the cupboard and then a very yummy raspberry and passion fruit cheesecake, which Vivien had bought! All good for my diet!!! I suppose I should also mention, the large bag of Butterkist popcorn Vivien gave me – which we ate between us in the afternoon!

We should have gone out for a walk, but the day disappeared so quickly! Vivien selected some of mother's Christmas Decorations and then I packed all the rest up into new storage boxes for me – but some will be going out to the charity shops over the next few days. By the time we had done this and cleared up all the tinsel bits off the floor, it was lunchtime and then the time seemed to race away after that, even more so when we had a situation with Lucy, which I won't go into now.

Vivien left at 6.30pm, which was later than she wanted to leave, as she hates driving in the dark and is not an overly confident driver – she stayed a bit later than intended, as she was worried about leaving me on my own too long on my birthday evening, which was very sweet, but I was fine! I promptly fell asleep on the sofa after Vivien left! This is what you do, when you get to my grand old age!

I've had enough of sorting the house out this week, I've done lots and need a break. I WILL be going birding at some point this weekend, maybe tomorrow, maybe Sunday?! Tuesday will be a very busy day (the day before I return to work) as I will be heading to East Norfolk, to collect my large watercolour painting of Holme Reserves and Broadwater, which paper conservationist Belinda Sanderson, has been working on since November – its now finished and I can't wait to see it! Then at a later date, I need to take it to Picturecraft at Holt to get framed up. Will also be dropping stuff off at Keys Auctioneers too, so a busy day all round!

Huge thanks to everyone who has kindly sent me best wishes on all social media platforms, very much appreciated and to Vivien & Ray and Lucy for their presents and cards. Thank you to Pete S. for his card, for John F. for his amusing e-card and all personal messages. Thank you all! 😘 🤗 😊 xxx



Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-F5.6 IS II USM lens

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