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Monday, 9 May 2011

Holme this evening

Cuckoo - Redwell Marsh NOA.

I had very little sleep last night, so how I found the energy to go birding all evening straight after work I will never know!

Spent the evening at Holme. It was lovely being in the same spot again and very exciting to think that there might have been a small chance that the Collared Flycatcher might have actually still been there! My heart skipped a beat when a dark crowned bird appeared amongst the depths of the sycamore leaves only to reveal itself - a great tit!!! Saw a chiffchaff and a few chaffinches in 'these' trees but nothing else much. Heard a very weird bird calling round the back of the bungalows where the Collared Flycatcher was seen last night. I can't really describe this bird, but it made me stop in my tracks I can tell you! It was a series of notes, quite fast, then a pause and then a series of notes again and so on. The only other birder I saw and was chatting too, suggested female cuckoo 'bubbling', but it wasn't that - one that got away! I walked back though the static caravan spot and along the path following the river. Had fabulous views of a cuckoo flying across me which I managed to get a photo of (see pic). Several good views of Sedge Warblers along here too. Went into Redwell Hide - usual squabble of black headed gulls along with avocets, shoveler, shelduck, redshanks, coots, moorhens etc but no sign of any wood sands.

Had a quick drive round to look for eagle owl in Hunstanton before going home, but no sign.

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