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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

LONDON RIOTS - way, way out of control!!!!

I really don't understand why out of control teenagers and children have been allowed to riot, wreck, destroy and put so many lives at risk for so many days!!!!!! If there weren't enough police to cope with the situation, then the army should have been bought in on the second day of violence. But I don't suppose the goverment wanted to be seen that they didn't have enough police for the job. Don't want to frighten the tourists off do we!!!!!!!! Don't want people to think we don't have enough man power in a serious situation - so never mind about all the people's houses and lives that have been destroyed, all the local business that have been destroyed, all the buildings that have stood for several decades, all the terrified people out there right now!!!!! 16,000 police present tonight, is a few nights too late!!! The scenes on the news and on the net are horrific. The picture shown on the news of a woman leaping for her life from her burning flat to people standing below with outstretched arms to catch her, will be a picture that will be etched in my mind and I'm sure many others for a long time - here is the link. I watched some of the youtube videos today - these teenagers need to go to boot camp for a bloody long time!!!!! This video shows cruel teenagers pretending to help an young lad who is injured and on helping him to his feet, then rob him - sick and cruel beyond belief. What the hell is going on with the human race!!!!!

What sad times we live in.......

I need a new hoover - when I have saved up enough pennies I will go out and buy one. Or shall I go and smash a window and help myself!!!

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