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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hard Core Day!

Extra hard day at work today. Phoned Mother at lunchtime to get the shopping list – she hadn't done it and I had to ring her back again! Also informed her that I had requested a home visit from her GP for her this afternoon – she went beserk, but she wouldn't have done it, so I had to (won't go into details). Doctor came out and asked Mother to book an Optician's Appointment firstly (she did, amazingly) and then to book an appointment for several checks to be done at GP surgery after that. The doctor sounded like he was quite thorough and tested Mother out with several things. I really don't know how/who we are going to get to sit with Father whilst she goes to opticians and GP's though – he can't be left at all.

Rainbow Cleaning Team arrived with the rest of my clothes and laundry at 5pm and there was only one member of staff, so I had to carry everything that was on hangers upstairs myself. I lost count of how many times I went up and down those stairs! Last thing I needed to be doing after my hard day at work. Also 18 large boxes of clothes are now sitting in my living room! I couldn't face carrying all those upstairs aswell, so I have alot of stuff to sort out over the next few days.

Drove to Hunstanton and had fish 'n' chips on the cliff top and gave a third away to the gulls, much to their enjoyment. Went to Sainsbury's to do parent's big weekly shop. Took shopping to Holme, put away, had a cup of tea and a chat with parent's. Father asked me a question – I can't remember specifically what it was now, but I replied 'Z' – he smiled and then chuckled! I was being sarcastic as this is normally his answer to everything!!! He's still stuck in the armchair – the physios have still not been out and he is now back on the waiting list again. Arrived back at my house at 9.30pm. I really need to do some supermarket shopping myself, but don't have the time right now.


  1. Penny, why not get the shopping delivered? Ocado are excellent and price-match with Tesco. You can order online when it's convenient for you and go to your parents when it's due to be delivered, to help put it away. My mother lives alone 120 miles away and can't get out to the shops, so the supermarket delivery service is a lifesaver for us.

    1. Hi! Already discussed on-line shopping with Mother, she refused point blank as quote 'you can't see what you are getting'!!!!!