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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beautiful Weather!

It was the hottest day so far this year.... at work! I always sit in my car at lunchtimes as the weather gets warmer, for peace, quiet and of course to birdwatch! I park my car next to a huge wood which joins with a river and fields adjacent to the A149. This wood holds a good number of species of birds including Chiffchaffs over the last few days. On Monday two Robins appeared by my car – perched on a small branch, watching me and waiting – I threw some crumbs from my sandwiches which they quickly dived for. Each day since they have appeared as soon as I get to the car! It's been really nice to share my lunch with them this week. Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow hopefully.

Last night I was having massive problems trying to upload my phone-scoped video (taken on iphone 5s) of my Green-winged Teal at Titchwell RSPB. I wonder if anyone can give me some advice please? I uploaded this to youtube on Monday evening at 8pm and left it running all night and the following day and it still hadn't loaded up when I got home last night!! Goes without saying it was a massive file: 237.3MB! Max upload to youtube is 2MB anyway, so hardly surprising it didn't upload. I have huge problems will loading files onto youtube in the past. I know you have to reduce the files, but don't know the best way or the best programme to use, that will keep the quality of the original file. The current video I have managed to get on youtube is by opening the original file in QuickTimePlayer and then choose 'File' 'Save for Web' which produces a folder full of different types of files for web use. In that folder was a file called 'IMG_7089 web - Computer.m4v' which I loaded onto youtube in 6 minutes last night!!!! A massive improvement in upload time, but the quality is not as good as the original file. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated please. I use a Macbook Pro in case you need to know this.

Just before all the smoke damage incident and Father's hospital admissions, I had just started back at Weightwatchers, but obviously I haven't been able to go with all the crap going on. I am currently and ashamedly heavier than I have ever been, but finally this evening was able to return to Weightwatchers to start the weight loss quest again! I was horrified when I stood on their scales, so its a good job I made the effort to go.

Shopping for parents tomorrow night – can't see me getting out birding until Friday evening at the earliest. Mind you, if a Great Blue Heron or any other mega turns up in Norfolk, the shopping will be have to be delayed!!!


  1. Hi Penny. I use a Macbook Pro and I find iMovie to be a decent video editing programme. I use version 10.0.06, so yours may differ slightly. However, once you have edited a movie, you click on the Share icon (top righthand side on my version) which gives you various options such as You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. Within each option, you have the ability to change the file size. However, any massive compression is always going to affect quality. There is some information on line about ways to upload files bigger than 2GB. I've never tried it myself, but if you Google "You Tube size limits" you should find some useful advice. Hope this help.


    1. Thanks Malcolm – I completely forgot about the fact I have iMovie!!!! Never used it, but will have a play around with this. Thanks for all your advice.
      Best Wishes Penny