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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Carrot Cake, Shopping & Bird News!

Its killing me to cook this Carrot Cake this evening. I want to eat the entire cake, but its for a colleague's leaving lunch tomorrow AND I'm on a mission to lose weight, so none allowed for me! Did Mother's on-line shop this evening – this had been working fairly well each week, should have done it ages ago!

A Terek Sandpiper was reported today (see post below) in an area with no general access. I have a feeling that it was more than probably on a private nature reserve that someone has at Burnham Deepdale. Such a pity they don't open it up to the public – I don't mind paying!!! See more infomation about this on Birdforum.

I saw my first Terek Sandpiper last year on the 20th May at Covenham Reservoir in Lincolnshire. It would be fabulous to see one in Norfolk. When I just looked at the previous records on RBA, the last one was at Snettisham in 2001, which was only months after I moved back to Norfolk – before I got into the current birding scene, before I joined RBA, before I was on the internet and before I got to know alot of fabulous birders both in Norfolk and beyond, so I knew nothing about it! The record previous to that was also at Snettisham in 1995. It's fabulous that we now have another record, but it could have landed somewhere in an area WITH general access!!! How inconsiderate! Maybe its still around, Burnham Norton maybe? Like the Black-browed Albatross, it could be absolutely anywhere!

1 comment:

  1. "Such a pity they don't open it up to the public – I don't mind paying!!!".....
    the little one accessible from West Acre Common was always the one I wanted to go and use...
    yes, it is annoying!

    But, hey-ho, there was always something to watch at the boundaries....
    tho' somehow, that made wanting to see what was inside all the more tantalizing!
    We want to open up our meadow for naturalists in the next couple of years, or so.
    It is a photographers' paradise already...
    just need to put up a few of the old fence lines to create more perches...
    and clear through to the river... by creating windows in the undergrowth...
    and set out an interpretative area in the barn....
    it all takes time!!
    I've just posted some pix of our Banded Demoiselles on Aigronne Valley Wildlife...
    they are so wonderful in the strong evening sunlight!