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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Spotted Crake at Titchwell RSPB!

I felt completely drained and exhausted all day, even after snoozing in late. Left my house and stopped at Ringstead to eat my lunch whilst watching the telegraph wires – after all a bee-eater might have landed! Yellowhammer, Linnet and Woodpigeons were the only birds I saw here. Did some errands for my parents and helped Father with a few things like trimming his nails (mother makes an awful job of this).

Tried to take a selfie of Father and I, but it didn't come out very well. Investigated the state of my parent's garden, which I discovered is like a jungle at the far end and I could hardly get past the greenhouse! Needs a strimmer I think, mind you, so does mine come to think of it! Did a few chores round the house and then left.

I spent several hours at Titchwell RSPB sitting in Island Hide, waiting for the Spotted Crake to appear, along with Eddie, Simon, Rob and Jill W., and a few others. The Spotted Crake eventually decided to put in a very brief appearance at 7.23pm, running to the right hand side of the hide and then disappeared from my view behind the reed mace which has grown far too tall, just to the right of the hide! I only managed an out of focus shot with a reed going right through the eye/bill – lovely, not!

Nice to meet Alec and also Stephen Clark whilst there, whom I walked back with just before 9pm. The Spotted Crake was far more elusive than the bird I photographed here last year on 6th August! On route home I had to do an emergency stop for a Barn Owl sitting on the side of the narrow road that runs south from Jameson's Corner at Thornham – it immediately got up and flew off over the fields.


  1. Hi Penny

    Dad and I were at Titchwell at 8 am yesterday, no cameras or scopes as we assumed we wouldn't be out long due to the weather. Mum had stayed at home as she was very tired (rare for her not to go out bird watching).

    Had amazing views of about 14 bearded tits in the reeds viewed from the main path near Island hide. A sedge warbler with it's young, both on the top of the reeds, very close to us. Plus 5 young swallows sitting waiting to be fed on a small tree near the edge of the reeds. Not far from the swallows, a reed warbler singing in a low tree. He was still there singing on the way back. Of course we didn't have a camera between us. Typical!

    Just after 10am we were back outside Island hide on a slow walk back to the car, we were talking to a couple from Bath, when we heard about the Spotted Crake. We did see it briefly until a protective moorhen chased it into the reeds.

    Even with brief view we had, if we had a camera between us, we would have had a photo!!!!!

    On the way back via Chosely barns we had a beautiful male yellow hammer posing on top of the hedge next to the barn. No camera!

    We got back to Sedgeford at noon and Mum was waiting at the door furious. "Did you see it? A spotted crake came on the pager about 10.10am. I couldn't get hold of you on the mobile!" Oops, I rarely carry my phone when out bird watching.

    She eventually calmed down but was still not impressed with my Dad for not taking a camera with him.

    Julie (Walpole St Andrew)

  2. Thanks Julie! Sounds like you had a fabulous day out. Always take your camera and phone with you. I wouldn't dream going out without either! Imagine you were sitting in South Hide at Minsmere yesterday and a Black-browed Albatross lands in front of you! No camera to capture your once in a life time finding and no phone to let anyone else know! Thanks for posting, a lovely account of your time out at Titchwell and Chosely! Hope your Mum has forgiven your both!